The Outsiders At The WWE PC, Jerry Lawler On Laying Brian Christopher To Rest, Tribute To Air, Elias

- Above is the latest WWE Network Pick of the Week video, featuring Elias plugging his "Walk With Elias" documentary.

- The Outsiders reunited at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando this week, according to PWInsider. We noted before how WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall was at the PC to work with talents this week. WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash was also there, joining Hall to give advice & assistance to the WWE talents.

- A tribute to former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Christopher Lawler will air on CW30 in Memphis this Saturday as a special episode of WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler's Classic Memphis Wrestling. Brian passed away at the age of 46 this past Sunday. His funeral is taking place this afternoon at Hope Church in Memphis.

Jerry took to Twitter today and wrote the following on laying his son to rest:

For those who missed it, below is the custom "Grand Master Sexay" casket that was revealed by Brian's brother Kevin:


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