Zack Ryder On Negative Internal Reaction To Internet Title, WWE Stars At Indie Show, Dolph Ziggler

- Above is the latest WWE Network Pick of the Week video, featuring Zack Ryder and Matt Hardy plugging their new Table For 3 episode with Xavier Woods. The video also features Ryder discussing some of the negative internal reactions to his Internet Title belt from a few years back.

"I just don't think people knew what was going on. Even with the Internet Title," Ryder said. "I wanted to wear that, I got that made, I wanted to wear it out on TV. I'm not gonna say who, but somebody, when I presented the idea, just called me a mark for myself. I said, 'No, I don't really think I'm the champ of the internet.' It's like a gimmick. Like the Million Dollar Title, I want to come out with it. I didn't make a belt because I have all these cool Twitter followers, it's part of the act. I was never allowed to wear it on TV, but it was on one of my t-shirts, they made an action figure of it, it was in the video game."

- WWE has a poll asking fans if the WWE Universe truly turned their backs on WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. As of this writing, 52% voted, "No. He gave up on them first." The rest went with, "Yes. They moved on as soon as he hit a rough patch, and he's right to hold a grudge."

- Shelton Benjamin, Sasha Banks and others attended the packed House of Glory indie event in Queens, New York City last night, according to PWInsider. HOG is ran by former TNA star Amazing Red. Sasha tweeted the following on the event:


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