- Above is a new "Power of Positivity" promo from WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

"My journey started over 11 years ago. No matter how many times I got knocked down, I always got back up. There was something in my heart that just kept me going, it kept me in the game of life. I wouldn't allow myself to be negative. In order to achieve my dreams I had to be positive. And then... it happened. And I owe it all to the Power of Positivity," Kofi said.

- WWE stock was down 1.87% today, closing at $68.32 per share. Today's high was $70.30 and the low was $67.66.

- Sami Zayn took to Twitter today and blasted the WWE Legends, Hall of Famers and former Superstars that returned for last night's big RAW Reunion special.

"#RawReunion was a joke. If I'm still hanging on to this business years after I'm done, you can punch me in the face. Like most great artists, I am vastly under-appreciated in my own time. You have me now & you're blowing it, too busy missing "glory days" that actually sucked," Sami wrote.

You can see his full tweet below: