Joey Mercury Lashes Out At ROH GM Greg Gilleland

It was reported yesterday by PWInsider that Joey Mercury was let go by Ring Of Honor.

With the company since 2018, Mercury had been overseeing the company's training dojo, was working on the creative team and was a Producer behind the scenes. Nothing was released about him leaving, but Joey himself has shed a light on a few details.

Mercury went off on Twitter earlier this morning on the behind the scenes troubles within ROH. Someone who has felt the wrath of his tweets is ROH GM Greg Gilleland for his treatment of talent, fans and how the company has handled events. When Gilleland addressed Mercury on why he was being attacked, the latter aired several grievances out.

"Unsafe environment for Talent in and out of the ring," Mercury wrote. "No Security. No medical staff. No Women on creative, worst looking wrestling on or off tv. No job description. Nothing in terms of anything I've suggested. Total BREACH on YOUR end- and everyone involved that bulls–t, non punctuation using, grammatical pigf-ck of a contract."

Joey also revealed that Shane Taylor will not be re-signed on January 1 but Taylor and his family have not been informed on the decision. He also stated via being hypothetical that the contracts of Taylor and Bandido expire on January 1st while P.J. Black's expires on February 1.

Among other tweets, Mercury shows messages of Gilleland accusing him of being high at shows, not providing proper care for Flip Gordon following him dislocating his elbow or Jay Lethal when he broke his arm. When it comes to the latter, Mercury states that Gilleland wasn't even at the site. He also mentions the fan incident involving Bully Ray.

Regarding the Women of Honor brand, Joey called out Gilleland for not implementing a proper concussion protocol, using Kelly Klein as an example after allowing her to travel to South Africa following a "brain injury."

Klein has since responded to Mercury's post, joining his side on the matter.

"I love Ring of Honor and I want someone guiding the company who will work for the best interests of the product and protest the talent who work hard to make it happen," Klein stated. "We had someone who wanted to do that and tried to do that, and eventually gave up trying to do that when it became clear that he didn't have the support he needed to make those positive changes. I love Ring of Honor and I want to make it better. I want us to be allowed to make it better."