Backstage News On Why Damian Priest's WWE SmackDown Debut Was Nixed

As previously reported, WWE NXT Superstar Damian Priest was scheduled to be called up to the SmackDown roster last Friday. Priest was reportedly being called up for a main event segment with Kevin Owens, Jey Uso and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

In an update, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Priest was scheduled to be called up to work with Owens, Reigns and Uso on SmackDown, but the angle was nixed at the last minute.

The story is that someone decided that they need new babyface Superstars on the blue brand, and when asked who from NXT could fill that role, Priest was brought up and decided on for the call-up. Creative reportedly came up with a storyline where Priest was supposed to come to SmackDown as Owens' best friend, to assist him in the feud with Reigns and Uso. They were actually booked to work a tag team main event match on last Friday's show.

Priest was at SmackDown and ready to go, but Owens spoke up and essentially said it made no sense for Priest to be his best friend. Owens reportedly mentioned how they have nothing in common, and how they could still do the angle, but there wasn't much logic in Priest being introduced as his best friend. Reigns then reportedly spoke up and agreed, and since it was someone with pull like Reigns, the idea was nixed. There is no word yet on how Paul Heyman felt about the storyline, but Reigns ended up getting it nixed.

Priest, who lost to Karrion Kross in the opening match of last night's NXT New Year's Evil special, is said to be "lost" on the black & gold brand right now because he is still booked for a spot on the main roster, but nothing has been confirmed. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that as of Wednesday morning Priest was now scheduled to be on RAW later this month, but everything related to his call-up is up in the air, and nothing is confirmed.

Priest was ready to be called up last Friday but the angle was booked just the day before on Thursday, then they decided against it. The call-up actually would've went against the most recent policy, which says no one is to be called up from NXT unless it's been booked months in advance, that way they can finish other storylines and tie up loose ends.

While the details surrounding Priest's move to the main roster are up in the air, it has been confirmed that he is scheduled for a spot on RAW or SmackDown in the near future.

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