Thanks to readers Julio Espinoza and Donald Farmer for sending in these results from tonight's SmackDown tapings in San Diego, CA:

MizTV with Ryback kicks off the show. Rybacks told Miz that he was a big fan of the show. They talked about last week's match with Antonio Cesaro, which prompted Cesaro to come out insulting Miz and Ryback. This led to our first match, Cesaro vs. Ryback.

* Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro by count out. At one point Ryback had Cesaro up for a standing suplex for about 10 seconds, which was impressive. Ryback pretty much dominated the whole match with the exception of Cesaro knocking him out the ring for about 9 seconds. This led Cesaro to control the match for a few minutes before Ryback regained control. Ryback went for Shell Shock, but Cesaro escaped and kicked Miz (who was on commentary) in the face before escaping though the crowd. Huge heat for Cesaro.

A recap was shown of RAW Roulette and the segment with Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman.

Backstage segment with The Prime Time Players and Tensai. PTP make fun of Tensai for wearing lingerie. Brodus Clay walked in and told Tensai not to sweat it. Tensai got mad, said it wasn't funny and walked away.

* Tensai vs. Titus O'Neil (with Darren Young) is up next. At one point, PTP were going to double team Tensai, but Brodus came out and said no. Brodus stayed at ringside and was supporting Tensai. There were lot's of "Let's Go Tensai" chants. Titus bodyslammed Tensai at one point. Later, Tensai got Titus in the corner and mocked his doc call. Tensai picked up the win via pinfall. After the match, Brodus Clay got Tensai to dance. Looks like we just saw a face turn.

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