- Impact kicks off with Mike Tenay being hemmed up in the back by Taz, Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray. Taz tells Tenay he has the night off and he will show Borash what a real announcer is.

- We go to a video recap from last week. What is Tito Ortiz doing in TNA?

- Bully, Taz, and Anderson enter the ring. Taz and Anderson join commentary. Taz yells at JB about taking his spot last week. He says this is his desk. Bully eggs him on from the ring. Bully says he is not in a good mood and starts to talk about Tito Ortiz. He says he is not impressed and warns Ortiz to stay out of his business. Bully says the 2nd reason he is mad is that he and Devon have to wrestle Sabin and a mystery partner from the Main Event Mafia tonight. Bully calls Chris Sabin out for the contract signing for their cage match at Hardcore Justice.

Sabin comes out and Bully says Sabin is scared of him. Sabin cuts a promo on Bully. He tells Bully he is so full of crap that his eyes are brown and his breath smells like feces. (Did he steal that from John Cena?) Bully dismisses him and calls out Hulk Hogan with the contract. Brooke Hogan comes to the stage and tells Bully (Mark) that her dad is out of town meeting with the board. Brooke reads an email from Hulk. It basically says that if Bully loses the match at the PPV, he is done getting title shots. Bully says he won't be bullied by anyone. Brooke gets in the ring and says the world will find out what she did in their marriage: Bully is all talk and very little action. Bully signs the contract and throws the clipboard on the mat. Sabin signs also and it is official.

- Taz and Anderson continue to haze Jeremy Borash on commentary as we go to break.

- We're back to footage of Tito's debut from last week. He will speak tonight.

- Magnus is ahead in the BFG Series followed by Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, respectively.

- Samoa Joe makes his entrance followed by Jeff Hardy.

BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

They lock up and Joe goes into an armbar and backs Hardy into the corner. Hardy reverses and hits a head scissors and a clothesline to send Joe to the floor. Hardy flies onto Joe on the floor and sends the Samoan back in. Joe gets the advantage back and hits and crazy Enzuigiri to Hardy in the corner and sends him to the floor. Joe flies through the 2nd rope and hits a forearm to Hardy's face right in front of the announcers.

Back from a commercial as Joe works Hardy over in the corner. Joe stops Hardy short and hits a powerbomb and transitions into an STF. Hardy maneuvers out and Joe rolls him up for 2 close to the ropes. Hardy rallies back and attacks the groin for 2. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind and gets 2. Hardy takes his shirt off which allows Joe to drop him in the corner. Joe puts Hardy up top but Hardy slips out. They counter each other and Joe applies a sleeper. Hardy gets out as Anderson gets up from commentary and Joe looks over at him for a second. Hardy stacks Joe up for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Jeff Hardy
24 Points Total

- Daniels cuts a promo from earlier in the day. He talks about his match with Kazarian tonight and says Frankie is being selfish right now. Daniels says he has always been the captain of the team and he will show Kaz tonight.

- Back from a break as the Aces & 8's music plays and Mr. Anderson gets up from the booth and gets in the ring. Magnus comes out.

BFG Series: Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson

They trade shots and do some chain wrestling. Magnus stops Anderson with a kick to the face and launches him to the floor. Magnus goes out and they mix it up at ringside. Anderson sends Magnus into the steel steps and sends him back in the ring. Anderson works Magnus over in the corner and cranks on the left arm. Magnus powers back but takes a big shoulder from Anderson; Anderson gets 2. Magnus blocks a suplex and hits his own. Anderson is right back on top of him for 2 near falls.

Magnus goes on a flurry with a series of clotheslines. Magnus catches Anderson and drives him to the mat. Magnus takes too long to go up top and Anderson meets him up there. Magnus knocks him off and goes for an elbow but Anderson moves. Bobby Roode enters the ring and hits Anderson with 2 chair shots. The ref is baffled and he disqualifies Magnus.

Winner of 3 points by disqualification: Mr. Anderson
Magnus loses 10 points

- Roode explains his actions after a break. He says he is going back to the old, selfish Bobby Roode. He says he is a genius because he just took 10 points from the BFG leader. He says to stay tuned as there is more.

- Magnus tells the ref in the back not to worry about it and that he will get his 10 points back.

- Bromance talk and strategize in their locker room. They are interrupted by Mickie James who tells them to focus in their mixed tag tonight. She says she will take care of ODB.

- We go to a recap of the #August1Warning reveal. Ortiz is on his way out.

- Chris Sabin is approached by Sting and Kurt Angle in the locker room. Sabin thanks them for watching his back and says he can smell the demise of Aces & 8's. In regards to the mystery MEM member, Sabin says he has a plan and asks Sting and Angle to trust him.

- JB is in the ring and he introduces Tito Ortiz. Ortiz doesn't get to say much before Angle interrupts. Angle takes the shades off and gets in Tito's face. Angle says Tito is entering his world. Angle says he will respect Tito's space but he better respect his. The biker music hits and Bully Ray comes out to the ramp.

Bully says he doesn't respect either one of them and says he will smack Ortiz in his stupid face if he gets in his way. Angle leaves also and we don't get to hear why Ortiz is here.

- Bromance makes their entrance. Their partner Mickie James is out next. ODB makes her entrance followed by Storm & Gunner.

Storm & Gunner and ODB vs. Bromance and Mickie James

Robbie E starts off with Storm and Storm takes control. Storm hits some ground and pound and Jessie interferes to give Robbie the advantage. Jessie tags in legally and goes to work and hits a dropkick on Storm. Storm answers back with a DDT. Jessie turns it up in the corner with stomps. Robbie comes back in for more punishment on Storm. Storm hits a backbreaker and tags Gunner.

Gunner starts to speed things up but Mickie James jumps on his back. ODB pulls her off. Gunner is double teamed by Bromance but Storm comes in with the Last Call on Jessie. Gunner catches Robbie from the ropes and Storm assists with the slam. Gunner pins Robbie.

Winners by pin: Gunner & Storm and ODB

Gail Kim runs down and attacks ODB. She is pulled off by the ref. ODB goes to get revenge but Mickie lays her out again.

- Kazarian gives his thoughts on Daniels. He says it is bad for Bad Influence but this is about him and a title win.

- Bully and Devon talk about their history in the locker room. Bully says he is going to beat respect into Chris Sabin. Bully steals Devon's line and says, "Testify."

- Kazarian enters the ring followed by Daniels.

BFG Series: Kazarian vs. Daniels

Back and forth with armdrags and drop toe-holds. More back and forth with counters, move for move. They get into a shoving match and Kaz pushes Daniels on his butt. They both exit the ring and stare at each other. The ref begins to count them on the ramp. Daniels puts his arm around Kaz and they count along with the ref. The both get counted out.

Double Count Out

Bobby Roode comes out with a chair and slowly makes his way down the ramp toward the men. He drops the chair and walks past Bad Influence and gets in the ring. He waves Kaz and Daniels into the ring. Roode says everybody has been talking about MEM, A&8's, Tito, and Rampage. He says everyone has forgotten about him and Kaz & Daniels. He says they make 25% of the BFG Series one of them will win BFG and become the new World Champion.

- Tito Ortiz is stopped in the back as he is leaving and he says his hands (he holds up his fists) might be all over Hardcore Justice. He flubs and stutters his lines and is obviously green in the scripted promo department.

- The Hardcore Justice card is rundown.

- Devon and Bully make their entrance followed by Chris Sabin. Sting's music plays and he joins Sabin on the stage. Kurt Angle sneak attacks Bully and Devon in the ring form behind.

Bully Ray & Devon vs. Chris Sabin & Kurt Angle

All four men go at it in the ring. Sabin and Kurt send Bully and Devon into each other and lay them out. The crowd chants, "USA." Angle hits a suplex on Devon for 2. Devon begs off and rakes the eyes and tags his brother. The crowd wants tables. Angle cranks Bully's arm and tags Sabin who comes off the top onto Bully's arm. Sabin continues to work the arm and tags Angle back in. Angle hits stomps in the corner. Bully and Angle trade shots in the corner. Angles punches Devon off the apron. Bully takes over on Angle and tags in Devon who drives his forearm into Angle's face.

Sabin tags in and so does Bully. Bully goes for the injured knee of Sabin and takes care of Angle on the apron. Devon hits the headbutt off the top to Sabin's groin as we go to break. We are back as Devon is in full control of Sabin in the ring. Devon drops a big leg and mocks Hulk Hogan. Bully tags in and they keep Sabin isolated. Bully and Devon continue to focus on Sabin's injured knee. Devon goes up top but Sabin gets his foot up and is able to get away to tag Angle.

Kurt comes in and turns is up against both men. Angle suplexes them both and pins Bully but Devon breaks it. Angle hits the Angle Slam to Bully but he kicks out. Angles is distracted by Devon and the ref allows it Angle drops Devon it allows Bully to drop Angle with a Rock Bottom for 2. Angle counters a Bully Bomb and applies the Angle Lock. Devon comes in and gets a German Suplex for it. Bully hits a big boot to Angle's grill and ref continues to allow this "handicap match." Sabin tags himself in and hits a missile dropkick to Bully. Sabin goes from corner to corner, attacking Team 3D. Devon makes the save for Bully and Angle comes in.

Bully takes care of Sabin on the ramp and they hit the 3D on Angle. Bully points to ringside and Devon goes out and retrieves a table from under the ring. They prop in the table up in the corner. Bully charges at Sabin but he moves and Bully crashes in to the table. Sabin hits a crossbody off the top on Bully for the win.

Winners by pin: Chris Sabin & Kurt Angle

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