Former Tough Enough Competitor Brian Danovich Passes Away At 38

"The Spartan Swinger" Brian Danovich passed away at the age of 38. His cause of death is still unconfirmed at this time.

Many fans will remember Danovich from his participation in Tough Enough's $1,000,000 fourth season where he tore his pectoral muscle during the tryouts. John Laurinaitis was head of WWE's Talent Relations at the time and he was so impressed with Danovich's drive to finish the tryouts while injured that he extended the WWE hopeful a developmental contract.

Danovich never made it to the main roster. After a couple of consecutive injuries, he was eventually released from his WWE developmental contract in late September 2005.

Brian Zane spoke about Danovich in a farewell video on his YouTube channel, Wrestling With Wregret, where he shared some thoughts about a man he was a fan of at first. Zane got to know Danovich though their collaboration on several videos.

"He went through a lot of stuff," Zane said. "I think what I was most impressed about after talking with him and learning all of this was how he was able to keep his head high through all of this and keep going. He was such an optimist. He had such a positive attitude about everything."

Danovich's Facebook page made an announcement of his passing as his sister posted on his profile.

On August 6th, Danovich posted a picture of himself with his sister saying that his big sister was always there for him when he needed her the most.

Danovich's sister replied to her brother's post with words of encourgament, "Love you!" she wrote, "You're going make it. And I'll be there every step of the way to help you through it."

"Love you too, thank you so much," Danovich replied three days ago.

Danovich's sister wrote a heartbreaking message to her brother's three-day-old reply earlier today.

"It breaks my heart that I couldn't help you. I really tried," Danovich's sister wrote. "I thought the rehab would work this time. I thought that the changes and new things ahead were something that you would look forward to and help you through this rough time. I think it was just too much for you to take. Change is hard. Sometimes it's enough to make us give up. I'm sorry you felt that you had no other choices. I'm sorry that you felt giving up was your only option. And I'm sorry I wasn't a better sister to help prevent this horrible tragedy. I hope you have now found the peace that you were always searching for in life. Rest in peace, my sweet and loving baby brother."


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