Lucha Underground Results (8/29): Johnny Mundo And Taya's Wedding

It's time to go back to The Temple for another episode of Lucha Underground. You can check out Luch Underground Wednesdays on El Rey Network at 8 pm. We appreciate you checking out the results here at Wrestling Inc.

- On last week's episode: Mil Muertes wrecked The Mack in a Haunted House match and Pentagon Jr. successfully defended his Lucha Underground title against Brian Cage.

- On tonight's episode: It's time for the wedding of Johhny Mundo and Taya. There is also a No Mas Match.

- Worldwide Underground was backstage getting ready for the wedding and everyone was happy. Joey Wrestling (Joey Mercury) showed up and he took the best man position from PJ Black. When everyone left Rickey and his creepy doll were left and the doll said, "I hope you weren't hoping to keep the vows, Joey."

- Matt Striker and Vampiro were both in suits at the commentary booth rather than their usual jeans and t-shirt. They said tonight is all about love.

Jake Strong vs Drago

Strong used his size to gain an advantage and once he got Drago down, he applied a number of submission holds to stretch the luchador. Drago tried to fight back and eventually perched himself on the top rope. He hit a DDT on Strong and nailed a one-legged dropkick for a two count before Strong launched him to the outside.

Strong drug Drago around the ring and backdropped him over the guardrail and through a row of chairs. They returned to the ring where Strong hit a splash and latched on the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Jake Strong

After the match was over, Aerostar saved his buddy from getting his ankle broken.

Jack Evans vs XO Lishus - No Mas Match

Evans said XO didn't deserve to be in the ring with Lucha's one true god and then XO took him down and beat him around the ring. Evans ran away, but XO caught him and hit a head scissors takedown on the outside. XO got kicked in the face and Evans hit a flipping splash on the from the apron. Then Jack bounced XO's head off the table a couple times before he returned with a kick and a flipping blockbuster off the announce table.

Evans hit a knee to the face off the apron while the crowd called him a "bully." Evans choked XO with a chain and asked him to give up, but XO said, "F*** you." They kept fighting and XO took Jack down, but then Evans threw him through a bunch of chairs before climbing up to the top of The Temple and hitting a dive on XO to get "holy s***" chants from the crowd. He asked XO to give up again, but he said, "F*** you!" again to get a huge pop.

Ivelisse ran down and took a bump into the chairs, but it gave XO a chance to bounce him off the ring post and take advantage in the ring. XO hit several kicks and then locked in a modified Regal stretch. XO kept trying submissions, but Evans didn't give up. Then Jack latched on an ankle lock, but XO kicked him away. XO hit a slap to the corner and then locked on a head scissors lock into a modified piledriver. Suddenly, Evans latched on another submission, but XO kicked him off. Evans fought out of another submission and hit a running senton before leaving the ring and coming back with a chair.

He said "foreign object -- I'm outsourcing this match," while bringing in a chair in thine and whacking XO with it. He placed XO across a chair, and just as he was about to snap XO's neck, Joey Ryan ran down to convince him not to do it. Ivelisse pulled XO away and then left before XO locked on another submission hold until Jack Evans said, "No Mas!"

Winner: XO Lishus

- After the match, Joey Ryan got in the ring and celebrated with XO and Ivelisse.

- Worldwide Underground was getting ready for the wedding and then after Mundo and the men left, Ricky's creepy doll said, "it's time to do the job I asked you to do."

The Wedding

Famous B officiated the wedding while in a wheelchair. As the men came out Vampiro said he was at the bachelor party but he doesn't remember it.

Famous B asked if anyone had any reason to believe that "these two fine-ass people should not be joined in marriage speak now or forever hold your peace." Then Antonio Cueto came out and said unlike his son, he likes them. Then he said he wanted to give them a gift from his family to Mundos. He said "ring the bell," and then some people brought out tables with tacos on them. "Tacos for everyone!" Antonio said as the crowd chanted, "We want tacos."

Taya read her vows and made some jokes about loving him and his sexy waist and "tonight we're gonna put the slam in Slamtown." Johnny said he never thought he'd meet someone as attractive as he is.

They both said, "I do" and then it was time for the rings and came Ricky Mundo with his creepy doll and the rings. Famous B told Ricky to leave and so did Johnny. He and his doll were wearing matching suits. Famous B almost married them... but then Matanza Cueto came running out and floored the wedding party.

He slammed Cheerleader Melissa and she rolled out. Then he picked up Famous B and his wheelchair and slammed them down. Taya started crying as her wedding was ruined and she was busted open. Ricky Mundo sat with his creepy doll in the bleachers and loved every moment of it.

PJ Black took a bump through a table and then he threw Johnny through a table as well. Taya got up covered in blood and angry. Then Matanza slammed her down as well. Then he brought Taya to the outside of the ring and slammed her into her own wedding cake. It was a great pro wrestling wedding.


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