Ric Flair On How He Feels About Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns, Dreaming He Was At SummerSlam 2017

Ric Flair's health scare before SummerSlam last year found him in a medically induced coma where he was rushed into emergency surgery to have a large section of his bowels removed. He recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of his successful surgery where he was given a 20% chance of survival. During his dream state, Flair had vivid visualizations as if he never experienced his massive medical setback.

The Nature Boy relayed his visions to Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri, but the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer was sure to note that he didn't experience any nightmarish dreams while, in reality, he was going through such a serious medical issue.

"I was supposed to be [at SummerSlam] that week and all of a sudden I dreamt that I went through it and everything," Flair said. "Then I wake up to find out Shawn Michaels took my place. I dreamt that my daughter got married.

"I don't know what this means if it's a sign, but I didn't have any bad dreams. I dreamed about wrestling, my dreams weren't dwelling on things that I had done wrong which there have been a number of them. My mom and dad, I dreamt about them and some of their friends, but aside from that I was in a good place in the dreams if that makes sense to you."

Flair was unable to attend SummerSlam last year, even though it seemed like he was there to him. Brock Lesnar successfully defend the WWE Universal Title in last year's main event against Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, and Somao Joe in a fatal four-way match. Reigns will get another chance to face Lesnar at this year's SummerSlam pay-per-view event, and Flair said why pairing The Beast Incarnate vs The Big Dog works for him.

Reigns comes from the famous Anoa'i Family in professional wrestling and Flair knows the former Shield member's family well, therefore being afraid of Lesnar isn't an issue for The Big Dog.

"What I like about it is if you know anything about Roman and his family," Flair said. "The thing I think is really cool about it is Roman isn't afraid of Brock. He's not in the least. If Roman Reigns gave any indication that he was afraid, he wouldn't be allowed back in the house," Flair said.

"You don't know his dad, yeah. They're tough guys. He may not be an amateur wrestler but he's a phenomenal athlete, a Division I athlete. What I like about it is Roman ain't afraid of him. I know a lot of the guys are afraid of him, I had to wrestle him when I was 54-years-old."

Flair said wrestlers aren't afraid they will be injured during a match with Lesnar, but "he's a lot to look across the ring at." He compared Lesnar to wrestlers from the past like Bruiser Brody, Stan Hanson, and Blackjack Mulligan who were also legitimately tough.

Lesnar finds himself in an incredible position going into SummerSlam as Universal Champion and a return to UFC is also in the picture. Flair commented on what Lesnar adds to WWE's television product, even with his ultimate part-time status. Lesnar can pick and choose his own schedule and he could have two companies as options at this point which is to his own credit.

"He's got himself in that position where I think it's his choice," Flair said of Lesnar going to the UFC. "The only drawback I think, and I don't think it affected the company, is that he doesn't work on the road except for big events.

"You know, I think Brock adds a lot to the show. I'm a big fan. He's a quiet guy, he keeps to himself, but he's really a good guy."

Flair said sometimes he even finds himself watching Lesnar thinking it is 1975 again where he doesn't know the difference between the storyline or something really unfolding on television.

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