Roman Reigns Overtakes John Cena As The Top Merchandise Seller In WWE

Roman Reigns is the top guy in WWE and he is now filling the spot left vacant by John Cena. The 16x World Champion missed his first SummerSlam in fifteen years while he was in China filming Project X with Jackie Chan. While Cena has been away, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Reigns has also taken over Big Match John as the top merchandise seller in the company as well.

Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Reigns sells a lot of merchandise, which "people hate to hear that it's true."

There was a time when Cena was getting booed heavily by the fans at television tapings, but he was out-selling anyone else at house shows in local markets. It was noted that this is probably when Vince McMahon stopped paying attention to the fact his good guys were receiving a negative reaction on television.

Reigns concluded a forty-one-month journey to dethrone Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and become the WWE Universal Champion. His thriving merchandise sales is more proof that WWE will stay the course with Reigns as their top guy moving forward which Cena set the previous standard for.

"They learned from John that people booing you on TV doesn't mean crap so no matter how much you boo, as long as you buy your tickets," Meltzer continued. "As long as he's gonna sell more merchandise than the other guy."

With Lesnar seemingly out of the picture for the time being while he pursues UFC interests, Braun Strowman has been positioned as Reigns' next opponent. The Shield's reformation on RAW this past Monday night put a stop to Strowman's first attempt at cashing in his Money In The Bank contract for a shot at Reigns' title.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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