Mustafa Ali Removes PW Tees Store, WWE Reportedly Negotiating Third Party Group Deals For Superstars

It's interesting to note that Mustafa Ali's Pro Wrestling Tees store is no longer active.

Ali previously had a link to his PW Tees store in his Twitter bio, but now his official WWE Shop page is linked. It looks like the change was made within the last 24 hours, according to an archive of the page.

On a related note, Dave Meltzer reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE officials have made it clear that talents are encouraged to be on social media and expand their brand, but they cannot monetize their WWE names.

It was also noted that WWE has been trying to negotiate group brand deals with some of these third party platforms, and individual talents using the services have gotten in the way of the negotiations, complicating things. Meltzer noted that Cameo may be one of the platforms WWE is trying to negotiate a group deal with, which would presumably see WWE get a chunk of the revenue in exchange for coordinating and promoting the opportunities between fans and Superstars.

Wrestling Inc. first reported the third party edict issued last week by WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, which said all talent must stop third party activities within 30 days, has led to a significant amount of criticism from fans, wrestlers and others. The ruling was a reference to WWE stars using their names on platforms such as Cameo and Twitch. It was noted in the edict that repeat violations could lead to fines, suspension or termination.

The edict was reportedly addressed at Monday's RAW, and talent were told that they can still maintain Twitch and YouTube account, but they have to do so using their real names, not their WWE ring names.

Stay tuned for updates.