TNA Against All Odds Results: Christian Wins World Title!

Both men are down. Referee Earl Hebner starts the count. Both get up at the count of 8. Cage cuts off Jarrett with a right hand. Cage blocks another attempt by Jarrett and drops Jarrett in an atomic drop. Cage takes out Jarrett with a clothesline followed by a flying forearm off the ropes. Cage nails Jarrett with an elbow in the corner, charges, Jarrett catches Cage and Cage counters that into a big spike DDT! Cage covers Jarrett...1...2...Jarrett kicks out. Referee Earl Hebner goes down when he gets hit by Jarrett and Cage, grabbing his ankle. Cage goes up to the top when Gail Kim distracts him. Jarrett goes up to the top with Cage. Both are standing up on the top turnbuckle. Jarrett grabs Cage and jumps off, hitting The Stroke from the top! Jarrett covers Cage. Referee Earl Hebner is still down. Jarrett yells at Hebner. Hebner crawls over, starts the count...1...2...Cage kicks out. Jarrett can't believe it. Jarrett nails Cage with some rights. Cage calls for more. Jarrett sends Cage into the corner, but Cage hits Hebner with force knocking him out. Cage hits The Unprietter on Jarrett. Cage covers. Referee Hebner is down. Referee Mark "Slick" Johnson then slides in, counts...1...2...Jarrett kicks out! Cage knees Jarrett, attempts The Stroke, but Jarrett low blows Cage. The referee sees this and looks to DQ Jarrett when Jarrett nails him with a low blow and throws him out. Gail Kim sends in a steel chair. Jarrett grabs it. Cage goes up to the top, jumps and dropkicks the steel chair into the face of Jarrett! Cage then chases after Gail Kim. Cage brings Kim into the ring. Cage has Kim when Jarrett comes in and nails Cage with the guitar over the head. Jarrett falls down, covers Cage, referee Earl Hebner rolls over, counts...1...2...Cage gets a shoulder up!

Jarrett distracts referee Earl Hebner when Gail Kim leaps off attempting a huricanranna on Cage. Cage grabs Kim and powerbombs her! Jarrett attempts a Stroke on Cage. Cage counters that into The Unprettier. Cage hooks the leg of Jarrett...1...2...3.

Winner & NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Christian Cage

After the match, Christian Cage is handed the NWA World Heavyweight Title. The crowd in Orlando cheers loudly. Mike Tenay says Christian Cage had cracked the glass ceiling. We see a shot of Jeff Jarrett leaving the ring and crawling up the ramp. Referee Earl Hebner lifts the arm of Christian Cage high in the air along with the NWA World Title as a series of pyro goes off in all four corners of the ring and above the ring. Cage leaves the ring and hugs his wife Denise at ringside. Christian Cage gets back in the ring and raises the title high in the air on the corner. Rhino then comes in the ring and holds Cage up in the air as all of the TNA fans standing in the ringside area come inside the ring and celebrate with Cage as the PPV goes off the air.

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