**SPOILERS** WWE SD! Taping Results

From here I think we have another couple videos like the Jeff Hardy package and another Kane and Edge segment possibly. Kind of fuzzy on those moments.

5th Match - Edge versus Kane. Batista comes to the ring first and he takes a seat beside JBL and Michael Cole. Edge comes out, cuts another promo trying to have a heart to heart moment with Vickie. Looks like there's a commercial between his promo and when Kane comes out. Match starts with Edge trying to keep his distance but Kane gets him and works in some fast offense. Kane hit Edge with some really loud uppercuts during the match and Edge sold them well. Good match seeing Edge get in some counters to Kane's moves like floating over Kane and hitting an Edge-o-matic. Edge eventually gets frustrated and goes to ringside and gets a chair. Before he even really gets back in the ring the referee called for the bell and DQ'ed Edge. Edge gets in the ring only to be met by Kane kicking the chair in his face. Kane then takes the chair and smacks Edge across the back. Kane goes to the outside and gets a set of ring steps and tosses it over the ropes. He gets in and readies to nail Edge with them but Edge drop toe holds Kane onto the steps as Kane rushed Edge. Edge then spears Kane and sets him on the steps and readies for a Conchairto on Kane but Batista dashes into the ring to stop him. As Edge is contemplating what to do with Batista beside Kane, the lights go out and the gong sounds. The lights come back on and Undertaker has Edge by the throat. Batista goes for a spear and hits Taker with it letting Edge get away. Taker sells the spear for a bit while Batista stares down Edge. Taker gets to his feet behind Batista and motions for a chokeslam. Undertaker plants Batista with a chokeslam and I would assume that's where it ends since after that the only thing that happened was Taker made his way to the back to his music and Batista made his way to the back after that taking some time to pose and thank the crowd around the ring.

Notes and Thoughts:

More than half of the camera side of the building was tarped off.

It looks like Edge's pyro didn't hit when it should have during his entrance because they fired it off for Batista when he was making his way back to the back at the end of the show.

Joey Styles isn't kidding when he says Kane's pyro is hot. I was sitting ringside on the corner opposite the entrance ramp a few seats back and I could feel the heat from here.

All in all, the only things that bugged me were the Kelly Kelly/Balls vs. Kenny/Victoria match (huh?) but that was kept short and the DQ on Edge for only coming into the ring with the chair. Both shows should be pretty good this week.

Pops and Heat:

Undertaker got the biggest pop when the lights went out during the main event. Batista Rey Mysterio CM Punk

There wasn't a whole lot of heat but MVP had most of it followed by Edge then like Mark Henry and Big Daddy V.

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