Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Tons Of Video

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Big Show is out next for the first match of the night, and he is fired up, running to the ring. They replay the accident where Big Show injured A.J. last month. The World Heavyweight Champion is out next, and he signals for A.j. to come out from the back. She's wearing a neckbrace, and stops at the stage, but Bryan convinces her to come down to ringside, telling her there's nothing to worry about.

Big Show vs Daniel Bryan (with A.J.)

We starts with Bryan trying to run from Show, but he catches him and hits some body shots in the corner, followed by a thunderous chop. Big Show with some more body shots in the corner. Bryan starts to fight back with leg kicks, but Show hits him with a couple of headbutts. Big Show hits a Scoop Slam on Bryan, then sends him to the corner, and hits a splash. Bryan is able to hit a Dropkick to the legs of Show as we go to commercial break with both men down.

We are back and Bryan has a half Boston Crab on Big Show, but Show fights out of it with strength. Show takes down Bryan a couple of times, and hits a Spear for a two count. Big Show goes for a Chokeslam, but Bryan reverses into a Guillotine, only to be slammed in the corner by Big Show. Bryan catches a Superkick by Show, and slams his leg down on his shoulder. Bryan goes up top, but Show catches him, and Bryan jumps down to the apron. Show then hits a Superkick, knocking him down by A.J. Bryan seemed to has hurt his knee, and A.J. checks on him. Show goes after him, but A.J. stops him. Bryan takes a cheap shot, but Show pushes him down. Show goes to run at Bryan, but almost crushes A.J. again. All three people look scared, and Bryan takes A.J. to the back, and loses the match by count out.

Winner: Big Show by Count Out

At the top of the stage, Bryan asks what kind of a man Big Show is, and he just proved that Show ran over A.J. on purpose. He asks why he would torture the poor girl. He asks if being the World Heavyweight Champion is worth that much to him. Bryan says protecting A.J. is more important that anything in wrestling, but at the Elimination Chamber, he will still be the World Heavyweight Champion.

The announcers plug the Six-Pack Challenge once again as we go to commercial.

WrestleMania is 55 days away as we come back to Raw. We go back to last week on Raw where a special guest greeted John Cena, which apparently wasn't shown then. The 99 car of Carl Edwards came to Raw to greet John Cena. Edwards says he's honored to come here and invite Cena to be the honorary starter for the Daytona 500. Cena says he'll definitely be there.

We then get a very well-made video package for WWE Elimination Chamber. It also shows a clip of Shawn Michaels bleeding from the first Chamber match, not in black and white or anything, which is odd. This is a pretty long package actually, longer than I thought it would be, but I still like it. Cole says that the odds aren't in the champions favor at the Chamber, and they put over the Six-Pack Challenge tonight. All 6 men will be in the ring at the same time, one fall to a finish, and the winner enters last in the Chamber. We go to commercial.

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