TNA Against All Odds: Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

We go backstage with Matt Morgan and Lauren. Morgan cuts a heel promo and threatens Lauren with a slap. He just talks about Abyss and how he's going to beat him tonight. My girlfriend just stopped by and asked me, "so this is a PPV? Looks like a bad show to me." This is how bad this PPV is tonight, folks.

Matt Morgan vs. Abyss
Morgan comes out first for the match followed by Abyss. They collide when the bell rings, trying to knock each other over. Morgan goes for a chokeslam but can't hit it. Morgan beats Abyss down to the mat.

They go back and forth until Abyss goes outside under the ring and brings a weapon back in. The referee takes the weapon away and Morgan hits Abyss with a big boot. Morgan charges again but Abyss ducks and Morgan ends up on the floor. They fight outside the ring now with Morgan using the fan barrier on Abyss. They go in the crowd for a minute with Morgan staying in control.

They keep fighting in the crowd and make their way up the steps. Nothing special really, just beating on each other. They come back down the steps and towards the ring. Abyss slams Morgan into the ring post. Abyss goes back under the ring and throws a ton of weapons in the ring. The ref tries to stop him but has no luck. Morgan hits a big kick to the face as Abyss enters the ring. Morgan has kept his shirt on the whole match for some reason. Morgan backs Abyss in the corner and hits a series of elbows.

Morgan is in control of the match now. Morgan puts him on the ropes and works him over, then drops a big leg drop on the ropes. They do a lot more but it's too bad to call. Eventually Abyss gets the bag of tacks but Morgan nails him from behind and drops him. Abyss almost throws Morgan into the ref but Morgan stops. Abyss splashes Morgan from the back but he ducks and Abyss hits the ref. Abyss turns around to a big chairshot from Morgan. Morgan wakes the referee up and covers Abyss for the pinfall but only gets a 2 count. Morgan goes for another chairshot but Abyss slams him down. Morgan slams Abyss on the chair and gets another 2 count. Abyss goes to hit Morgan with a chairshot but Morgan pulls the referee in the way of it and Abyss connects on Rudy Charles with the chair. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Morgan and another ref runs down for a 2 count. They get to their feet and tangle with Abyss hitting another Black Hole Slam for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Abyss

After the match, Abyss dumps the thumbtacks out all over the ring and takes Morgan's shirt off, exposing his bandages and infection that he just had surgery on. Morgan escapes the ring and heads to the back.

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