*Qualifier for Main Event at No Surrender: Sting defeated Rhino. After the match Rhino gored Sting twice.They played it up afterwards that Sting had some cracked ribs for his next match later.

*Qualifier for Main Event at No Surrender: Doug Williams defeated Suicide after D'angelo Dinero ran down and distracted Suicide.

*Qualifier for Main Event at No Surrender: AJ Styles defeated Chris Sabin. Pretty good stuff.

*Qualifier for Main Event at No Surrender: Hernandez defeated Homicide. They shook hands after although Homicide looked upset.

*Daniels comes out and he calls out Samoa Joe. He cuts a promo about their upcoming match and how they helped build the X-Division 4 years ago along with AJ Styles and even main evented Unbreakable 2005. He then tells Joe that the Mafia aren't his friends but that they fear him cause while he was the TNA Champ he beat them all so they paid off Taz to get him to join. He says he doesn't know who Joe is anymore. He made a comment about Joe's wife and Joe laid out Daniels.

*Knockouts Tag Tournament: Tara and Christy Hemme defeated Hamada and Sojo Bolt. After the match Hamada laid out Sojo Bolt.

*Consequences Creed defeated Shark Boy.

*For a spot in the Main Event at No Surrender, AJ Styles defeated Doug Williams. Kurt Angle did commentary during the match.

*For the Final Spot in the Main Event at No Surrender, Sting defeated Hernandez by DQ when "Homicide" came down and hit Sting in the injured ribs with a pipe. Turns out when the bandana came off the face, it was Eric Young.

*Hernandez stays in the ring and he calls out Eric Young. The World Elite come out and start attacking Hernandez. AJ Styles runs out to try to make the save but he starts getting beat down until Beer Money comes out. World Elite is about to retreat but Team 3d meet them at the ramp and it turns into a massive brawl. 3D was setting up Bashir to go through a table but Scott Steiner and Booker T come out and they end up putting James Storm through a table.

*Knockouts Tag Tournament: Sarita and Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney and Alissa Flash.

*The Motor City Machineguns come out and they have their own announce table complete with monitor and XBox 360 controllers. Shelley even has on sunglasses like Taz. They commentate the next few matches.

*The Pope D'angle Dinero defeated Black Machismo Jay Lethal. Afterwards he stood over Lethal and said he will make people who haven't seen the light become enlightened. Consequences comes down and Pope leaves the ring but then sneaks back in and lays out Creed as well.

*Knockouts Tag Tournament: The Beautiful People defeated Madison Rayne and the returning Roxxi.

*The World Elite come out and they call out Hernandez. Hector Guerrero comes out instead and he says Hernandez isn't going to come out here after costing him the shot at the title and that Hernandez is known for having a bad temper. Eric talks to Hector and says he is still standing because he respects Hector and the Guerrero name but he tells Hector to give Hernandez a message and its for him to watch closely tonight because he will have a reason to come out.

*Abyss defeated Dr. Stevie. After the match Nash comes out and attacks Abyss but Mick Foley who was on commentary came in and made the save for Abyss.

They taped a show and a half so tomorrow's spoilers will pick up where this left off.