Credit: Mike Johnson and PWInsider

WWE Smackdown Spoilers (Airing Friday):

*Beat the Clock Challenge tonight.

*CM Punk comes to the ring with Luke Gallows. Punk began cutting a promo on the crowd for breaking their New Year's Resolutions already. He tried to lead the crowd in a pledge for the Straightedge Lifestyle. It was hilarious. Punk said he would save someone's life from the audience next week. He said he will set the best time tonight and at the Royal Rumble, he'll defeat The Undertaker and become the Four Time Straightedge World champion.

*In a Beat the Clock Challenge, CM Punk pinned Matt Hardy with the GTS in 7:20. Luke Gallows went after Hardy after the bout. Hardy fought back and Punk jumped him. They left Hardy laying.

*Dolph Ziggler fought Kane to 7:20 draw. Kane was trapped in a rear choke as the time expired. Ziggler laid out Kane with a back cracker afterwards. Competitive bout.

*The Great Khali defeated an indy worker billed as The Carolina Panther, who wore a Panthers jersey for heat since the Panthers murdered the Giants over the weekend.

*WWE Intercontinental champion Drew McIntrye defeated John Morrison via DQ. Morrison hit a moonsault off the rail on the floor. Morrison got his foot tangled in between the middle and bottom rope so they worked it into the bout with McIntytre working on the leg. Morrison came back with a kick to the face. Morrison worked some of his springboard spots on one leg. McIntyre hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Morrison worked over McIntyre and the referee admonished him. As the ref turned around, McIntyre shoved Morrison into him and the ref DQ'd Morrison. Lame. Morrison attacked McIntyre in the aisle and the referees broke them up. Morrison, who took his boot off during the bout, sold the ankle all the way back.

*Michelle McCool and Layla El came down for commentary.

*Mickie James pinned Beth Phoenix after Michelle McCool went to interfere and hit Phoenix by accident. Layla and McCool attacked James but Phoenix turned babyface and saved her. After running them off, Phoenix slapped Mickie's hand but then hit an Implant Buster.

*Chris Jericho cut a promo saying he would be the face of everything in WWE and would win every title in 2010 once he and Big Show won the Tag belts back from DX on Monday.

*In a Beat the Clock Challenge, Rey Mysterio pinned Chris Jericho in 7:19. Good back and forth match. Mysterio went for the 619 but was caught and pulled into the Walls of Jericho. Mysterio made it to the ropes and hit a 619. He went for a spriing board splash but Jericho turned it into a Codebreaker. Mysterio kicked out and with one second left pinned Jericho with a small package. Mysterio beat the clock.

*Hart Dynasty & Natalya defeated Maria & Jimmy Wang Yang & Slam Master J. Natalya put the Sharpshooter on Maria afterwards. There were small "We want Bret" chants.

*They announced a Monday 4/19 taping at Izod Center.

*In a Beat the Clock Challenge, Batista vs. R-Truth went to a 7:19 draw. Rey Mysterio watched from ringside. Batista went for a powerbomb but Truth escaped and kicked him out of the ring. Truth hit a dive over the top to the floor. Batista took control on the floor and ran Truth into the ringpost. He threw Truth into the stairs and continued to beat him. Truth fired back but was caught with a Black Hole Slam. Batista went for a spear but Truth was able to sidestep him and nail a DDT for a two count. He kicked off a Batista charge and drop toeholded him into the corner. He went for a top rope legdrop but missed. Batista speared him but began jawing with Mysterio with a minute left. He nailed a powerbomb but with three seconds left, Mysterio pulled the ref out of the ring and the time expired. Mysterio vs. Undertaker at Royal Rumble.

* Vickie Guerrero comes out and says that she is sorry to Mysterio, but on Smackdown everyone follows the rules. She said it was clear as day that Mysterio cheated, so she announced Mysterio vs. Batista for the 1/8 Smackdown episode to determine the true number one contender.