Thanks to readers Leon Stefl and Branden Dross and for sending in these results from tonight's SmackDown tapings in Austin, TX:

Packed house, attendance looks to be around 10k. The left side of the upper arena is tarped off.

Like 30 of us had to move to better upgraded seats, because our seats got taped off by the stage entrance.

The show stars off with a nice recap of WrestleMania from this year.

The show kicks off with matches for WWE's new Saturday morning show, Saturday Morning Slam.

Saturday Morning Slam

* Alex Riley defeated Jinder Mahal in roughly 5 minutes. Mahal was in control for most of the match until Riley rolled him up for the pin.

Josh Matthews has just come out to the announce desk. Santino has come out in his street clothes and is going to be doing color commentary with Matthews.

* Kofi Kingston defeated Heath Slater. Pretty solid match with lots of arms drags and high flying moves from Kofi. Crowd is hot for Kofi and Slater is getting a lot of heat. Kofi wins with the flying body press off the top rope.

They are switching the set for Superstars.

WWE Superstars

* Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel. Sandow got a lot of heat and was very verbal about not wanting Gabriel to put his filthy hands on him. Sandow ducked out of Gabriel's splash and won the match with his finisher.

That was it for Superstars, they're setting up for SmackDown now.

Leon Stefl and Branden Dross contributed to this article.