- We open from Las Vegas with MizTV in the ring. He welcomes Big Show and Dolph Ziggler to the ring. Miz talks about standing on the stage with them on RAW with 40 other Superstars as Bryan got beaten up. He sends to the video. Miz says it is time we heard their opinions on how management is running things. Big Show says standing there was one of the toughest things he has had to do in his career. He can't continue and is shaken up and sends to Ziggler. Ziggler can't put the words together and tells Show to finish his thought.

Triple H interrupts with a smile on his face on the way down the ramp. Cole says this is no longer a democracy (no longer, Cole?) it is a dictatorship. Hunter asks Miz why he is in his gear and not a suit. Miz says you never know when a fight is going to break out. This gets a pop. Miz asks if he can ask Hunter a question and Hunter says no. The crowd chants that he sold out. Triple H says this is all just business. He says Randy Orton is the future of the WWE. Hunter jabs Miz with once being the champion and never getting near it since. He puts Miz in a match with Orton. Hunter tells Ziggler he will give him the opportunity to get back at the Shield and put him in another handicap match.

Triple H then calls over the Big Show like a child and Show is fuming, almost crying from anger. Hunter says he is giving Show the night off and he wants Show to be on commentary and just sit there and watch what happens tonight and not do a thing. Show is shaking as Hunter dismisses him to commentary. Show takes a seat in a nice office chair next to the booth; he is not actually on commentary. Hunter dismisses Ziggler to the back and introduces the WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Randy Orton vs. The Miz

Back from a commercial as the bell rings and Big Show looks on. Randy rams Miz' head into the turnbuckles and sends him into the corner. Miz reverses and hits a clothesline. Orton lands a dropkick and gets 2. Orton throws Miz to the outside and suplexes him on the security wall. Orton sends him back in and covers him for 2. Cole and JBL argue about Triple H and Daniel Bryan the whole time. Miz starts unloading with strikes in the corner and hits his running clothesline. Miz launches Orton over the top and The Shield's music hits as Cole's voice sells the commercial break.

The Shield has taken their place, guarding the entrance like Monday. The crowd chants for Big Show as Orton takes Miz apart on the canvas. Orton drops a knee, that Cole says was a forearm, and gets a near fall. Miz flips out of a suplex attempt and starts to comeback. Miz hits a neckbreaker for 2. Orton counters Miz and hits the ropes-DDT. Orton coils up but Miz counters the RKO with a backslide and gets 2. Miz applies the figure-4 as Show cheers him on. Orton gets to the ropes. Orton drops Miz' neck across the top rope and hits the RKO for the win.

Winner by pin: Randy Orton

Big Show has to sit there as The Shield pounces on Miz. Daniel Bryan hits the ring with a steel chair and the crowd goes nuts. Orton and The Shield retreat as Bryan leads a YES chant.

- Back from a commercial to the Los Matadores vignette then a shot of Las Vegas.

- Vickie Guerrero yells at Daniel Bryan in her office and calls Bryan a bully for what he just did. She says bullies get bullied back. The camera pans to Ryback standing behind Bryan. He calls him a shrimp and says he can't stand bullies and that he will see him out there.

- The RAW Rebound is shown of the CM Punk/Paul Heyman (poor Axel) segment.

- Lilian Garcia introduces Ricardo. He says there are many shows in Vegas but this is the Whole Damn Show. He rolls his tongue for the "R" in Rob and introduces RVD. Damien Sandow comes out after a commercial and cuts a promo on Las Vegas on his way down. He says he is the uncrowned world champion and raises his MITB briefcase and sets it on the steel steps.

Rob Van Dam vs. Damien Sandow

RVD goes to work but Sandow cuts him off and sends him shoulder-first into the post. Sandow takes over with a mean streak and hits the Elbow of Disdain for 2. Show is still at ringside, not looking at the action, with his chin in his hands, staring out into nothingness like his world has just ended. Really great performance from Big Show tonight. I remember when he did a skit on SNL when Rock hosted in 2000. It was apparent at that moment that Paul Wight is a great actor, and versatile too. RVD his the 5 Star for the win.

Winner by pin: Rob Van Dam

Alberto Del Rio comes on the stage and cuts a promo. He says RVD is the #1 contender, only because of Ricardo. He says when you sleep with dogs you get fleas. He says RVD has Rolling Thunder but he is going to make it rain (Del Rio's a rapper now?) on his parade.

- The Shield is in the ring as we return to the show. Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance and walks by Show who just throws his hands up in the air and buries his head in his hands as he rocks back and forth. Just fantastic!

Handicap Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Shield

Ziggler comes out blazing and knocks Ambrose and Reigns off the apron and goes to work on Rollins. They soon take over and start to dissect Ziggler. Reigns hits a Samoan Drop for 2. He tags Ambrose who talks trash to Ziggler as he slowly strikes Ziggler on the mat. Ambrose sends Show a sly glance. Ziggler slaps Ambrose in the corner after some taunting and launches Ambrose to the floor. Ambrose tags Seth Rollins who sets up for Reigns to deliver a ridiculous (in a good way) spear. Reigns gets the pin.

Winners by pin: The Shield

The Shield taunt Big Show from in the ring and hit the triple powerbomb on Ziggler. Show has steam coming from the top of his head. The Shield makes their way back to wherever they come from.

- Lilian Garcia introduces Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel. Axel cuts a promo in the ring. His voice reminds me of "The Genius" Lanny Poffo. Axel sends to the sublime video of Heyman hitting Punk with the kendo stick whilst scolding him. Goosebumps, folks.

Heyman takes the mic and says he is not sorry. He says the fans voted him into a situation where he had to defend himself against CM Punk. Heyman takes credit for Punk's 400+ day title reign. He says Punk should worship him like the god that he is. He sells match at Night of Champions between him and Axel vs. Punk. He says he is scared out of his mind. He says if Punk gets his hands on him, we will never see Heyman again. This gets a pop. But he warns that if he did all this out of fatherly love, imagine what he will do when faced with a guaranteed beating.

- Tons of Funk make their entrance which is cut off by the Wyatts' entrance.

Tons of Funk vs. Harper & Rowan

The lights come on and Harper and Rowan are in the ring. Tensai and Brodus take care of Rowan on the apron and they double team Harper in the ring. Rowan grabs Clay's foot and drags him to the outside. Harper ducks a clothesline and hits a big boot to Tensai. Harper hits a splash in the corner and tags Rowan who hits another splash on Tensai for the win.

Winners by pin: Harper & Rowan

Bray Wyatt enters the ring and hits Sister Abigail on Tensai and says, Follow the Buzzards, with a maniacal laugh.

- Another Los Matadores vignette runs.

- Cole sends to AJ Lee's "Pipebomb" promo from RAW. The Bellas are still annoying as ever. I know they had to "react" for the Total Divas cameras but man was that abrasive to the ears! I do not envy Cena nor Bryan.

- Ryback enters the ring for our main event and we go right back to commercial. Daniel Bryan makes his entrance and we see footage of the spray painted Escalade. Cole makes sure to coin BOTH "YesCalade" and "YesUV." Those clever WWE writers.

Ryback vs. Daniel Bryan

The bell rings and Bryan comes out of the corner with a big knee to the face of Ryback. Bryan goes to work with kicks but Ryback catches him and his a tilt-a-whirl powerslam. Ryback slows the pace with power moves and a running shoulder in the corner for 2. Ryback goes for another shoulder but Bryan moves and Ryback goes into the post. Big Show cheers Bryan on. Bryan goes on a flurry with 3 running dropkicks in the corner and dives onto Ryback on the floor. Randy Orton walks down the ramp and Ryback attacks Bryan from behind as we go to break.

Back to action with Yes Kicks in the ring to Ryback. Ryback cuts Bryan off with a spinebuster and winds up in the corner for a Meat Hook, which connects for 2. Bryan hits headbutts up top and knocks Ryback off. Bryan hits a missile dropkick and starts "Hulking up" like The Ultimate Warrior. Bryan hits a series of Yes Kicks to a kneeling Ryback. Bryan applies the Yes Lock on Ryback and Orton gets in the ring. The bell rings.

Winner by disqualification: Daniel Bryan

Bryan puts Orton in the Yes Lock as he taps and The Shield hit the ring and beat down Bryan. Big Show gets up from his chair and finally enters the ring. Orton and The Shield gather in the corner and back off. Triple H comes down and demands, off mic, that Big Show get out of the ring. Big Show starts to cry as he reluctantly steps over the top rope and exits the ring. Triple H calls him over and demands that Show leave up the ramp. He follows behind as Show leaves to the stage. Show looks back to the ring and weeps. Hunter points and says, "Now!" Show disappears in behind the entrance screen.

Hunter nods at the ring and The Shield hold Bryan for Orton knock senseless. Orton keeps telling them to pick Bryan back up for more punishment. He shows Bryan to all sides of the ring's fans. The Shield hits the triple powerbomb on Bryan as the fans chant, "Randy sucks." Orton grabs a can of spray paint and paints "nWo"... err I mean "NO" on Bryan's chest.

Final Thoughts: Great work by Big Show tonight. Although they have to explain Show's ironclad contract and why he can't just KO everybody. They got some real heat for Orton tonight but I still believe they dropped the ball with Orton's heel turn. It was an afterthought after the Pedigree from Triple H and it didn't even sink in immediately that he had turned. Seeing Orton with The Shield tonight was so anticlimactic. It reminded me of the anticipation a few months ago that he might join them. Orton should have turned heel on somebody with an RKO out of nowhere, not a delayed, lazy cover in the shadow of "The Emperor."

What are your thoughts on tonight's show? Sound off below.