- Impact begins with a recap of last week. Can Aces & 8's survive The Main Event Mafia? Will AJ Styles qualify in the BFG Series?

- We go to the ring and then cut to wrestlers talking about tonight's Gauntlet Match in the BFG Series for 20 points.

- Back to the arena as Bully Ray makes his way to the ring with Brooke Tessmacher and Tito Ortiz. The rest of Aces & 8's follow behind. Bully says Aces & 8's are in total control. He puts over the crew and says they are brothers. He walks up and hugs them down the line. He gets to Tito Ortiz as the fans chant that Tito sucks. Bully says to not mind them. Bully gets to Anderson and says he is the best VP ever. Bully says he loves Anderson more than his brother Devon. Bully puts his arm around Anderson and Anderson gives him a half hug. Bully says he accepts the challenge from Hogan and Sting and he will beat Sting tonight badly. The music hits and they all leave except for Bully, Brooke, and Knux. Chris Sabin makes his entrance for our opening contest as we go to a commercial.

Chris Sabin vs. Knux

Knux uses his power and size to knock Sabin down. Sabin hits the ropes and attacks Knux' knees with several dropkicks. He finally takes the big man down and work the left leg with a half Boston Crab. Knux pushes him off and then tackles Sabin with a crossbody splash. Sabin kicks out of a couple of pin attempts. Knux stays in control with a big boot to the face of Sabin. Knux keeps the pace slow with power moves. Bully Ray paces at ringside. Knux hits a side suplex and hits a legdrop off the 2nd turnbuckle for 2. Sabin creates space and comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Bully tosses a hammer to Knux but Sabin hits a dropkick to Knux' leg and the hammer falls on the mat. They scramble for the hammer and Sabin grabs it first and hits Knux in the head with it.

Winner by disqualification: Knux

- Back from a break as we see a replay and go to the back where Sabin is out of control and is being consoled by Velvet Sky. He says he isn't the one who brought the hammer to the ring. Sabin walks away as Velvet says, "What just happened?"

- Mickie James makes her entrance to the ring. She cuts a promo on Cleveland. She says she knows that she will be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She has a little award with her she calls an MJA. She says who needs the VMAs. She scolds people who had bad things to say about her good friend Miley Cyrus. ODB interrupts and says she will take her title. Mickie attacks her from behind with the award. ODB comes back and drops Mickie with a clothesline. ODB raises the title. Mickie takes her title back but ODB rips off her top (she still has a tube top on). Mickie, embarrassed, leaves up the ramp.

- JB interviews Jay Bradley and Hernandez in the back about what they have to gain tonight. Jay says a particular organization has made an offer to him to handle some business for them in the Gauntlet Match tonight. He asks Hernandez if he wants to do some business.

- Sting arrives earlier in the day.

BFG Series Gauntlet Match/Battle Royal (20 points): Hernandez, Jay Bradley, Joseph Park, Mr. Anderson, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Kazarian, Daniels, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Magnus

Bradley grabs a mic and tries to talk sense into Hernandez. He says a certain group has offered him a lot of money to eliminate a certain someone in this match. Hernandez clocks him and they start to battle. Joseph Park is out next. Park starts to go on a flurry on Jay but Bradley overtakes him. Hernandez is down in the corner. Hernandez drops Bradley with Get Off Me. The clocks counts down and Anderson enters next. Anderson tries to eliminate Parks from the apron as we go to break.

The clock runs down as we return to action and no eliminations have taken place yet. AJ Styles is out next. He runs to the ring and takes out Parks. Samoa Joe is in the ring also. The crowd is silent, the pace is brutal. Out next is Kazarian. Joe hits chops to Anderson in the corner and hits an Enzuigiri to eliminate Anderson over the top. Anderson might have legitimately hit his head on the guardrail. Daniels is out next and he joins Kazarian to stomp AJ in the corner. Kaz and Daniels double team Joe but Joe comes back with a double clothesline. Out next is Jeff Hardy; Hernandez is eliminated by Kaz and Daniels. We go to break.

Back to action and the clock runs down; Bobby Roode makes his entrance. AJ eliminated Jay Bradley. Joe works Daniels over in the corner. More slow motion action. Out next is Austin Aries. He leaps into the ring and brings the crowd alive, somewhat. Kaz, Roode, and Daniels pounce on Aries. AJ and Hardy come to the rescue. Magnus comes out to almost no reaction. He goes to work on Daniels. Magnus gets double teamed by Kaz and Daniels. Joe comes to the rescue but is eliminated by Kaz and Daniels. Hardy tosses out Kaz but he holds on. Roode comes from behind and eliminates Hardy. Kaz gets tossed by AJ with his feet. Daniels throws out Magnus. It's down to Aries, Roode, Daniels, and AJ. AJ knocks Aries to the floor with a flying forearm. AJ eliminates Roode.

Daniels and AJ circle each other. The pace quickens and AJ springs off with a forearm and goes on a flurry. AJ hits the Pele and clotheslines Daniels over the top.

Winner of 20 points: AJ Styles

- We go to the BFG Leader Board. AJ is at #1 with 49 points, followed by Magnus, Aries, and Roode.

- Bully Ray scolds Anderson in the back. He can't even look at him. He says all he had to do was win. He asks what Anderson has done lately. Anderson loses it and says he has done everything for this club. Bully says Anderson saw what he did after his own brother was kicked out. He basically tells Anderson to know his role and shut his mouth. Essentially.

- AJ gives his post-match thoughts. He says he is going all the way in the Bound for Glory Series.

- We go to a video package from last week with Hulk Hogan and Bully. Sting vs. Bully Ray is still on the way in our main event.

- Rampage and Sting talk in the back. Sting clarifies that he can no longer get a title shot. Sting says that was then but now he has a family of killers to watch his back.

- Gunner and Storm make their entrance. Wes and Garett attack them from behind on the ramp. Storm tosses Garett in the ring and the bell rings. Gunner handles Wes on the floor.

Gunner & Storm vs. Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff

Gunner and Storm double team Garett in the ring. Storm drops a big knee for 2. Wes attacks Storm from behind and Garett takes control. Wes and Garett keep Storm isolated. Storm creates space from Wes and tags Gunner. Gunner speeds things up as Garett also tags in. Gunner drops Garett but Wes breaks the count. Gunner catapults Garett into a Storm DDT. Nice. Gunner stacks him up but Garett kicks out. Wes grabs Storm's leg from the outside and pulls him out. Wes grabs a title belt and fights for it with the ref. Garett grabs a chain and hits Gunner in the back of the head with it behind the ref's back. Garett covers Gunner.

Winners by pin: Wes Brisco & Garett Bischoff

- Magnus, Aries, and Roode are in the ring with JB. JB introduces AJ Styles. AJ get to pick his opponent for next week. He picks Aries. Austin Aries says he promises there will be a winner and that is the fans. That leaves Magnus vs. Roode. Roode snatches the mic from JB and cuts a promo on Magnus. He says he aligned himself with Daniels and Kazarian to be in this very position. He calls Magnus the weakest link. Roode and Magnus have a stare-down. Magnus says he doesn't needs Muppets to throw appletinis to win.

- Bully Ray makes his entrance with Tito and Brooke. Sting is out next. JB does the formal introductions.

Bully Ray vs. Sting

Bully grabs the mic and says this is a non-title match. He says screw Hogan. Hogan's music hits and he comes on the stage. He bans Tito from ringside and has security escort him out. Hogan says he is making this a No DQ. Sting hits a Splash in the corner and goes to work on Bully. He tosses Bully over the top and hits him with a chair at ringside as we go to commercial.

Sting is chair-happy on the outside as we return. He brings the chair in the ring and hits Bully as Bully manages a low blow. Bully hits a splash for 2. Bully threatens the ref with the chair. Bully slams Sting on the chair and goes to face Anderson who has arrived at ringside. Taz hands Bully something. It is a box cutter. Bully starts to cut off the apron and expose the padding underneath. Bully pulls back the canvas and exposes the boards. Sting fights back and applies the Scorpion DeathLock. Garett and Wes hit the ring. Knux also. They beat down Sting. Joe, Rampage, and Magnus hit the ring and clean house.

Sting misses with a splash in the corner. Bully goes for a piledriver on the wood but Sting reverses with a back bodydrop. Sting ducks a boot and back to the DeathLock. Anderson produces a hammer and tries (half-heartedly) to give it to Bully. He tosses it aside and says OOps. Bully taps.

Winner by submission: Sting

Anderson grabs a mic and starts to mock Bully as he lays on the mat. He mounts Bully and says he will face Bully next week for the title. Brooke cries in the corner. Anderson poses with the title. He tosses it back to Bully and walks up the ramp. Brooke consoles Bully on the mat.

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