Brian Cage Challenges The Bullet Club, Cody Rhodes Looking For A Singer, Young Bucks - Marty Scurll

- Above, The Young Bucks talked with Marty Scull about their upcoming tag match against Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch when ROH stops in London next week (current card here). Initially, Matt and Nick weren't worried about the match, but Scurll enlightened them about their upcoming opponents as being top veteran wrestlers that they will most likely lose to.

- Brian Cage is tired of hearing about the Bullet Club and has challenged the entire group to a match at Chris Jericho's cruise this October.

"I'm sick and tired of the Bullet Club," Cage exclaimed. "Everywhere you go, it's all ya hear 'Bullet Club, Bullet Club, Bullet Club,' they're in Hot Topic, you got the Pop figures! Yeah, they're phenomenal athletes, but guess what? They're not Brian Cage. ... It's funny, you got all these Impact / Ring of Honor challenges going down and nobody's challenging me. I mean, hell, I wouldn't want to challenge me either. So let me throw it out. Bullet Club. This goes out to all of you, 'The Swolverine,' Mr. GMSI himself is laying out the challenge and on that cruise you're going to find out the answer to the question, 'Who better than Brian Cage?' Well, that's nobody and I don't need any partners, I'll take you all on by myself."

- Cody Rhodes is in the hunt for an independent wrestler who can sing the National Anthem at "All In." Still trying to find a way into the show, Flip Gordon offered up his services. Brandi Rhodes appreciated fans tagging her, but she said "if it's not karaoke, it's not for me."


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