Chris Jericho: "Great Matches Don't Matter. Personalities And Character - That's All That Matters"

Chris Jericho has been around the professional business long enough to know a couple things about keeping a career alive. He's been able to reinvent his in-ring persona many times and continues as one of the best sports entertainers alive today.

At 47-years-old, Jericho is IWGP Intercontinental Champion and experiencing a fresh breath of life to his career with his continued involvement with Fozzy as well, but he always has time to give advice when he feels it's warranted.

"I've wrestled a few times now," Jericho recently said on Talk Is Jericho. "I'm gonna go on record here -- uh-oh Jericho spews the truth -- guess what guys? Great matches don't matter -- here's the secret to wrestling -- personalities and character. That's all that matters."

Will Ospreay is an amazing professional wrestler and at 25-year-old, he has a lot of his career ahead of him. The Aerial Assassin is known for his impressive tactics in the ring and high spots that wow the crowds, but one recent move caused Y2J to call Ospreay about it.

When Ospreay nailed Marty Scurll with a Spanish fly on the apron at Sakura Genisis on April 1st, Ospreay was busted wide open when his head hit the apron. Jericho didn't like seeing that one bit and phoned the Englishman to give him some words of wisdom.

"I told him," Y2J said of Ospreay after he smashed his head on the ring apron. "People were predicting he's gonna be the next Dynamite Kid. I called him on the phone and said, 'dude you do not want to be the next Dynamite Kid. I want you to be around when you're 47 just like me kicking ass. Stop doing stupid moves that don't mean anything."

Jericho said Ospreay agreed with him and since then his matches have been "much cleaner."

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