Cody Rhodes Talks WWE Being The Same For Nearly Two Decades, If He Will Change His Hair Color Back

Cody Rhodes is preparing for All In and as the event draws closer, he is looking forward to what awaits fans in Chicago this Saturday. Rhodes is multitasking as he arranges one of the largest independent professional wrestling shows in history and films for the upcoming season of Arrow at the same time.

Cody dyed his hair from blonde back to brown before his IWGP Heavyweight Championship match against Kenny Omega at the G1 Special in San Francisco. During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri, Cody expanded on why he dyed his hair back from the blonde color after people were just growing attached to the lighter shade. He needed to play the part of Derek Samson on Arrow once again, but that doesn't mean the blonde is gone forever.

"You know I think people had just gotten used to the blonde," Cody said. "I think the blonde had a symbolism behind it, not like an evil symbolism, eh I guess there was kinda an evil symbolism behind it.

"I had adapted to the blonde. So when they told me I'm going back to do these five episodes of Arrow, I was clearly really excited, but when they said I couldn't be blonde it stung a little. It also strung a little when I walked on the set and -- I can't say too much -- but the person who was sharing the particular scene with me was a total bleach blonde.

"I think we got rid of [the blonde hair] a little bit too soon, so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw the blonde make a random appearance or a random return -- it's a lot of work for my hair because it's so dark, but it's not gone forever.

Stephen Amell and Rhodes worked together in WWE after the Arrow star jumped in the ring and had an angle with Cody's Stardust persona. They clashed during 2015's SummerSlam as Amell tagged with Neville to defeat Stardust and King Barrett.

Rhodes and Amell remained friends which helped Cody continue his journey on Arrow and afforded Amell the opportunity of competing at All In where he is set to take on Christopher Daniels. The Arrow actor isn't taking his match against Daniels lightly either as Rhodes expanded on some special training Amell is taking part in so he is ready for his match at the Sears Centre.

"So today I go to Vancouver -- not for Arrow -- and all of tomorrow we've got an independent wrestling promotion in Vancouver, they've loaned him their ring.

"Stephen aims, I think he wants to surprise. The first time I was in the ring with him and he springboarded in and stuck the landing and squared off with me when I was Stardust, I was surprised and the Brooklyn crowd was surprised.

"I think now that this is an elevated level you can't get away with these, 'oh he's athletic.' You're gonna have to bring something new to the table. I think he's prepared to do so. I'm looking forward to that match for the people who are looking forward to it and for the people who it's the one match where they're like, 'come on!'"

All In isn't the only independent professional wrestling event making headlines. Ring Of Honor's Madison Square Garden sell-out also drew quite a bit of attention and while Rhodes hasn't been confirmed to appear at the show, he still spoke about the current climate in indie wrestling which allows for this event to be possible as hopefully more sell-out events are on the way.

"I think the yearning for a different product is really strong," Rhodes said. "WWE hasn't had any significant change since what, 2001 in wrestling? WWE provides so much good content. Just good wholesome content, but they're still the only one.

"I just think it reached a head and the players involved in making this happen where people [say], 'I'm gonna check this out. I remember growing up and there was WCW and WWE' or 'I remember growing up and there was this for a territory person. This, I think is a really good chance to check out something different.

"Because it will be nothing like a WWE show. They've mastered what they do but they don't have a -- they don't own pro wrestling. You know they own WWE, the worldwide company, but pro wrestling is everywhere. Two huge sell-outs like that says a lot about what the fans want. Hopefully, there's a third and a fourth and hopefully it continues to keep rolling."


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