Here are spoilers from Sunday's Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Toronto from the Rebel Entertainment Complex, courtesy of Wrestling Inc. reader MrEddyG.


* Tyson Dux vs. Joe Hendry (w/ Grado & Katarina). Hendry wins. They brought in a young fan after the match. Dux gets in Hendry's face and was upset he brought the boy in the ring. Dux shoved Joe who responded with a fall away slam. Joe told the boy pin Tyson, which he did. The Boy was from a group called Best Buddies and apparently there's about 100 of them here tonight.

* KURT & Brett Banks vs L.A.X. (w/ Konnan). It didn't say if this was a title match, so I'm guessing not. LAX win, but The Banks' Brothers got a lot of offence in and looked solid.

Impact Tapings:

* Fenix vs Brian Cage for the X Division Title. Pentagon is accompanying his brother. Cage at one point caught Fenix outside as he was going for a Suicide Dive into a delayed Vertical Suplex on the floor! Cage eventually wins with a top rope Powerbomb. Excellent match. As Pentagon is checking on Fenix after the match, OVE & Sami Callihan attack them. Cage was on the ramp and teased leaving with the crowd booed him. Cage then got in the ring to help clear OVE & Sami, including hitting Dave with The Drill Claw.

* Eddie Edwards is out next. Eddie says he's been knocked down, but he's back and loves the man he's become. He's got nothing left to lose and that makes him a very dangerous man. He wants to fight Austin & Killer Kross and says that if they don't come down, he'll get them in the back. Aries & Kross come down. Aries says Edwards has had his chance and Eddie may be crazy, stupid and delusional but Aries has found someone crazier. Eddie tried to attack them both but is taken down in a modified Cobra Clutch by Kross when Lee Aries applies a Figure Four. The referees couldn't get them to stop, Cross has Eddie down on his knees in a full Nelson while Aries goes to swing a chair to Eddie's head, but Moose has returned for the save. Eddie & Moose embrace and shake hands and leave to the back together.

* Kiera Hogan, accompanied by Allie, vs. Alisha. Both women were very aggressive, but Kiera got th win. After the match Allie says every time she gets close to defeating Su Yung, Tessa interferes, so she challenged Tessa & Su to a triple threat match.

* Brandon Tidwell & Mr. Atlantis vs. Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley. Eli Drake came out with his team, but went to join Josh & Dan on commentary. Trevor got too cocky and tried to copy some of Eli's moves. While he was posing, he got rolled up by Tingwell for the upset win. Eli just laughed at them from the desk.

* The Desi Hit Squad vs. KM & Fallah Bahh. Before the match, Gamma insulted Toronto's sports teams, especially the Raptors, to cheap heat. KM came down barefoot and wore tights like Fallah which drew a "Nice Tights"' chant. KM & Fallah win after a Banzai Drop by BAHH to Rohit. KM tells the crowd it's Fallah's birthday, and he gets a nice "Happy Birthday"'chant.

* Zachary Wench vs Matt Sydal. Sydal wins. Fun, short match.

* Petey Williams vs the returning Rich Swann, who was announced at 275 pounds by the ring announcer. Lol, I'm sure he meant 175. Nice back and forth exchanges with Rich reversing a Canadian Destroyer attempt into a standing Shooting Star Press for the victory. Nice to see Rich growing his hair out and lose that hideous skullet.

* Eli Drake arrives to the ring in street clothes. He says Trevor & Caleb wanted to be his friends but they lost to a couple of nobodies and invites Mr. Atlantis to come on down. They get a "Who Are They"' and "They Are Dummies" chants. Eli says they have one more challenge left. Mr. Atlantis says he'll do it, but it ends up Tidwell being in the match. Eli makes very short of him with The Gravy Train. Eli consoles Brandon, and invited Mr. Atlantis in before promptly dropping him with another Gravy Train.

* Knockouts Title Triple Threat Match: Allie is out first (w/ Kiera Hogan) & Allie tripped going to the ring so they re-shot her entrance. Tessa tossed Su outside onto her bridesmaids, and the finish cane when Su had the Manidable Claw on Allie, Tessa runs Su into Allie and rolls her up to win to become the new KOs Champion. Su screams as she goes to the back.

Before the main event, Moose is shown laid out with Kross's card on the back of Moose.

* Killer Kross & Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards, who's by himself. Moose eventually comes out with his head bandaged and spears Eddie! The three put Eddie's neck in a chair outside and Moose hits Eddie in the throat with another chair. Alisha came down and slapped Moose and put herself in front of Eddie to get them to stop. Eventually referees break things up. Moose tears up a young boy's Moose sign as he left.

* Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callihan in a Mexican Death Match. Pentagon gets a stuffed animal at one point, knocks down Sami and there's a stapler in it. Pentagon staples both shoulders and Sami's groin. Then he gets Sami's hat staples that to his head, and rips the hat off of his head. Sami put a trash can on top Pentagon's head and hits it with a baseball bat to little effect. Both fight on top of the top rope with a table underneath them; Pentagon tries for Fear Factor, but Sami reverses into a piledriver through the table and wins! Not ad good as their Slammiversary match, but still great. This ends the show.

MrEddyG contributed to this article.