Diamond Dallas Page Says Another WWE Star Was To Be Involved In Undertaker Stalker Angle

Diamond Dallas Page spoke with Give Me Sport about his stalker angle with The Undertaker during the WCW Invasion angle in 2001. The gist of the story was someone was stalking out Undertaker's now ex-wife, Sara, with the big reveal being that it was DDP the entire time. Coming from WCW as one of the company's biggest faces, the heel turn (nor the story) didn't him any favors with WWE fans.

DDP talked about the storyline, saying he "hated" it right from the start and noted that it was actually being built up for another top WWE Superstar.

"I hated the idea at first," Page said. "I'm trying to be a team player and this is Hollywood so to speak, we're trying to blur the lines of reality and not reality - you're not really stalking her - but that's the role you want me to play in a world where some people believe what the s--- is! When you're doing something like a stalker idea, they built this storyline and couldn't get anybody to do it - that's the real deal. They wanted [Steve] Austin to do it. And Austin is like 'f--- that!' and he told me about that later and I was like 'You couldn't have called me up and said that to me?!'"

Ultimately, DDP has since realized that it wasn't about him, it was WWE continuing to build up its own top stars at the expense of incoming WCW talent. WWE purchased WCW in March of 2001, acquiring WCW's trademarks, tape library, and contracts.

"But, the bottom line was, I thought they were trying to 'make us' going in there," Page said. "Because there was no more WCW, but that was not the deal. The deal was, and it had nothing to do with me personally, it could have been Sting, or Goldberg - whoever it was, was going to get fed to whoever it was in the top angle because it was ego and it was business."

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.


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