John Cena Is Ready For WWE Event (Photo), WWE Star Preps For Pro Wrestling Noah Match, Nikki Bella

- Above, Nikki Bella reveals 20 secrets about her sister, Brie. Nikki notes Brie's pet peeve is when people step in front of her when it's time to leave a plane. Also, her sister's happiest moment was when Birdie was born.

- As noted, WWE has reportedly formed a working relationship with Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan and sent Hideo Itami to the promotion for their 20th Anniversary Show on September 1. Known there as KENTA, he worked with Noah from 2003-2014 before signing with WWE. Below is a photo of Itami at NOAH's dojo in preparation of tomorrow's match against long-time rival Naomichi Marufuji.

- John Cena is scheduled to appear at WWE's live event in Shanghai, China on September 1 where he plans on showing off his sixth move of doom. Cena posted a new photo of himself earlier today and in the caption wrote, "The Doomiest."


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