Ken Shamrock Says He's Been Throwing Out Feelers To WWE For A Return

Ken Shamrock was interviewed on the Adam's Apple YouTube channel regarding staying in shape, as well as a possible return to MMA and WWE. Shamrock stated that his current endeavors include going into "overdrive" and using his popularity to align himself with businesses and companies to leverage them into equity ownership, advertisement, marketing, and entrepreneurship. He also stated that he is working on an MMA project, because "MMA is getting stale and we want to spice it up again."

When asked about a return to MMA, Shamrock stated that he does not see himself fighting again, unless it is a bout with Royce Gracie.

"I've always said that I think the fans deserve better than that in the last fight we had," said Shamrock. "And I thought that Royce should have come out and did a fight after the low blow, and he didn't. He ran off with the wind, basically saying 'oh, he should have known I was gonna knee him low.' And I was like, 'dude, we don't fight like that anymore.' So, it was really, to me, very disrespectful and I thought it was really disrespectful to the fans and to the world of MMA."

Shamrock also shared his thoughts on a possible return to the WWE.

"WWE is something I'm looking at," Shamrock said. "Definitely have been throwing little feelers out there to get an opportunity. Because I have achieved everything that I have set out to do in every organization except the WWE. I didn't get the world title. I got everything else but that. There's some unfinished business there, so I've always kind of been throwing feelers out there, saying, listen, I'd like to go back and get a run at the title. But, no response up to this point. But we'll see what happens."

Shamrock feels that Daniel Cormier is a good match against Brock Lesnar. However, Lesnar will have a tough run in the heavyweight division, Shamrock feels.

"When he was doing it earlier on, there wasn't too many big men," said Shamrock. "It was guys that could strike, but none of them worked very well on the ground. In today's MMA world, there's a lot of big, good, guys that can grapple on the ground well and can strike well. So, I think DC is a great start for Brock, but after that one, I'm not sure where he goes from there."

If any portion of these quotes are used, please be sure to credit Adam's Apple with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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