Kevin Owens Reveals Who He Wants To Face At WrestleMania

On this week's episode of Raw, Kevin Owens took on WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins in a hard fought match. Owens would come up short though, hoping he could turn things around after having Braun Strowman throw him off of every high structure he could find. After the match with Rollins, Owens sat in a chair in the middle of the ring, simply said, "I quit" and headed off to the back.

While that story is still to be told, Owens spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Local Sports just before SummerSlam on who he'd like to take on at WrestleMania. Owens said his good friend Finn Balor would be his choice.

"There's so many guys I wish I could wrestle, but if it was up to me, whatever I would do would lead to me and Finn Bálor at WrestleMania next year, because he and I came to WWE the exact same time," Owens said. "We didn't know each other before we got there. We became pretty close pretty quickly when we did get to the NXT Performance Center. He's been my best friend ever since, so I'd love to share the ring with him on that stage in WrestleMania."

Both wrestlers had worked for years in the indies before signing with WWE in 2014.

Owens noted they had a match at WWE's Best in the East event in Japan back in 2015, which is still one of his favorites. Balor would defeat Owens for the NXT Championship in that match.

"I love wrestling him and as far as I know he feels the same way," Owens continued. "I think we put on really entertaining matches that are very good. We had a match in Japan a few years ago that I still think was one of my best ones in WWE. So, I think we mesh pretty well."

Balor is currently feuding with acting Raw General Manger, Baron Corbin.


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