Marty 'The Moth' Martinez Explains How Serial Killers Influenced His Lucha Underground Character

Lucha Underground's Marty "The Moth" Martinez (Martin Casaus) made it to the San Diego ComicCon checking off a big item on his bucket list. He was able to see the sights spend some time with fellow Lucha Underground wrestlers in the process.

Following his visit to a big box store during The Purge, Martinez hit the town with PJ Black and Taya. While participating in a trivia contest, Taya was able to guess the right answer and win them free shots, but there was a dog around so the three were quickly distracted during their celebration.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. joined Martinez, Black, and Taya later on as the Lucha Underground stars sat down for an interview with GammaRay TV. Martinez was referred to as "The Temple's resident creep," which he seemed to enjoy immensely. Martinez was asked about the inspiration for his Moth character and he gave tribute to a comic book character that influenced him along the way.

"We're at ComicCon, I'm a huge DC fan," Martinez replied. "So Joker has got to be part of the character. On the script, it said I was laughing and I started laughing like The Joker and it kinda stuck."

Then Martinez gave a nod to an unexpected set of muses that he had his eye on when molding The Moth persona.

"I've taken a lot of stuff from serial killers -- Ted Bundy, [John Wayne] Gacy." Martinez continued as he said he liked serial killers who could be "sitting on this couch having a conversation when there's somebody in my basement being tortured... So I like the serial killer aspect, so I take those and DC."

Martinez also praised the eclectic nature of Lucha Underground's roster and the possibilities of having a different kind of match depending on who he's facing.

Some fans might remember Martinez from his time on Tough Enough's fifth season where an unexpected accident caused him to be sent to the hospital. He was later removed from the show on doctor's orders but was given much respect by host Steve Austin who allowed Martinez to hang up his own belt when exiting the competition. Martinez was never in the "Bottom 3" during his time on the show, and he was the only person allowed to hang up his own title belt.


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