Mexican Death Match Coming To Impact Wrestling Next Week

Sami Callihan and Pentagon Jr. have been at each other's throats on Impact Wrestling and their brutal battle at Slammiversary wasn't the end of their blood feud. Pentagon Jr. was victorious at Slammiversary, but Callihan issued a big challenge for Impact Wrestling next week where he wants Pentagon Jr. in a Mexican Death Match.

Callihan said he was in a terrible mood on Impact Wrestling this week and there is only one way to cure it. He is ready for his feud with Pentagon Jr. to come to an end. Therefore, the leader of oVe issued a challenge to Pentagon for a very personal match.

"What better way to humiliate him and get my revenge than beating him in his style of match," Callihan said in his promo. "So next week -- the first time on national television -- Sami Callihan, Pentagon Jr Mexican Death match and only one of us is walking out!"

Callihan is still livid over losing a in a hair vs mask at Slammiversary to Pentagon Jr. in a bloody encounter that included a railroad spike spot where the two went toe-to-toe trading shots to the cranium with the sharp weapons. He forced Jake Crist to shave his brother Dave's head on Impact Wrestling two weeks ago so they could look like a family. As Callihan's character continues to unravel, he will face Pentagon Jr. in what could be another extremely brutal encounter.

This week on Impact Wrestling, Callihan's match with Fenix ended in a disqualification after oVe rushed the ring to attack Pentagon's brother. Pentagon ran in to make the save before too much damage could be done to his brother, but their point was made. Callihan promises to finish things between himself and Pentagon Jr this time around.


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