The New Day Pancakes Coming Soon?, Drew Gulak Disses Cedric Alexander, 25 SummerSlam Facts (Video)

- WWE posted this video looking at 25 facts about SummerSlam.

- Big E revealed in his recent interview that they have looked into releasing some sort of branded pancake product. WWE previously released the BootyO's cereal for the group.

"We've definitely explored trying to do something in that vain," Big E said when asked if there will be New Day frozen pancakes coming soon. "Cereal is easier. Right now our cereal is at FYE and We're talking to people in licensing for a way for this pancake nonsense to be available to our fans."

- Drew Gulak took to Twitter today and wrote the following on his upcoming SummerSlam match wth WWE Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander:


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