Tye Dillinger Possibly Injured At WWE Live Event

SmackDown Superstar Tye Dillinger may have suffered an injury at last night's WWE live event in Florence, South Carolina.

Dillinger was wrestling Shelton Benjamin when the apparent injury occurred. According to correspondent Kyle Godbolt, Dillinger climbed to the top turnbuckle but Benjamin ran up and kneed him in the face. Dillinger fell to the floor and a few seconds later the referee checked on him, throwing up the dreaded "X" symbol to end the match and call for help from the back.

The match was called in Benjamin's favor as a count out, even though the referee never actually counted. Trainers came out and helped Dillinger make his way to the back.

There's no word yet on Dillinger's status but he was unable to finish the match. Stay tuned for updates.

Ian Martin and Kyle Godbolt contributed to this article.


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