WWE SummerSlam Live Notes: Did Roman Reigns Get A Pop After Title Win?, "TNA" Chants, Rusev Day

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Chris Monroe for sending in these live notes from last night's SummerSlam pay-per-view in Brooklyn:

I was in the crowd at SummerSlam in Brooklyn. I want to note that the building was half full or less during the pre-show for Rusev's match, which I felt was the wrong move by WWE. Rusev is way over with the crowd and a lot of people were mad that they missed him. He came on before 6 pm, while the tickets stated the show started at 6pm, so if you came after that you missed his match.

Below are notes from the show:

* The B Team was also really over with the Brooklyn crowd.

* The crowd was hot for the opening match of the main show. Drew got a huge pop from the crowd, way more over than Dolph Ziggler. I'm interested in seeing what they do with him leading into WrestleMania season. I feel he's ready to be a main event star.

* Becky Lynch received one of the biggest pops when she turned on Charlotte. The crowd was clearly upset when she didn't win, and this may be bad for Charlotte. I'm assuming this was supposed to be a heel turn, but that backfired. The crowd was behind Becky and booed Charlotte's win.

* As noted before, the crowd chanted "TNA" during the AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe match. Outside of that, the crowd was really into Summer Slam from the section I was in. The beach ball thing ended pretty early. Security was on top of that.

* Ronda Rousey received mixed reactions, but the majority was behind her. There wasn't really a immediate pop after she won because I don't think people expected the win so quickly.

* The IC title match was lukewarm. Jeff Hardy was working hard to keep the crowd into it. The crowd DID react to Hardy's crazy senton on the apron, and were very concerned.

* The crowd was lit during the main event. People were standing for the first 5 minutes of the match. Adding Braun Strowman did help controlling the crowd, and when Roman won that was the biggest pop I heard for him in a long time out here in the NYC area. Anyone that tells you different is just trying to continue the hate for Roman. The pop could of been for different reasons, but at least it was a major pop. Not sure how it came across on TV, but WWE finally got their Roman moment! People stood around after the match thinking Braun would cash in, but after that was obviously not happening, people started to leave.


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