Recently on The New Day: Feel The Power [Baybee!], WWE Superstar Xavier Woods provided an update on his achilles injury that he sustained earlier this year working a live event in Sydney, Australia. During the podcast, Woods confirmed that the injury is "pretty serious" and there is no timetable for his return to action.

According to Woods, the surgeon who repaired the torn tendon indicated that it may take up to a year for Woods to feel good on his achilles again. The trio's tromboner said he has been 'shaken to the core' by this injury.

"The doctor tells me, 'here's the breakdown: you tore it in an instant; it'll take me 14 minutes to fix it; you could possibly take up to a year to feel good on it again,' which is absolutely terrifying to me because ever since I was little, this is the only thing I've ever wanted to do with this much passion and enjoyment," Woods divulged. "This is like my dream, my life goal, so at this point, where I still feel like we're running in our prime, especially on TV, like we're doing stuff. We're having a great time. We're having a great run as New Day. To have an injury that will take me out for an extended period of time is something that has, I guess, kind of shaken me to my core."

Woods, who previously tweeted that his achilles injury could keep him out of the squared circle for 5 to 9 months, indicated on the podcast that there is no real timetable for his return to the ring.

"There's no real timeframe for when I come back," Woods admitted. "It's honestly kind of scary because, yeah, there is a possibility that if I do everything right, and everything goes well, and I ice it, and I do the PT and all the other tendons are strong around it, like, maybe I'll be back in 4 or 5 months! Cool. But maybe not. Maybe I'll be back at, like, Survivor Series next year, but maybe not. Maybe I'll be back by 'Mania the year after next, but, like, maybe not. So the chances of that are very low that I would come back that late, but just the fact that there is a percentage chance that could happen, for lack of a better term, like, it just makes me sad."

Apparently, seeing the sports entertainment juggernaut that is WWE continue to chug along without Woods made him question his value.  

"At that moment in time, it is the factor of the show just goes. It's almost a thing. It's almost a feeling of, like, was I worth anything on the show when I was there? Because if the show can just go on with - I'm not saying that nobody cares, but just going on business as usual, like, it really makes you remember everything that you were told before you got here or before you got into any company or into any type of physical job, whether you're playing baseball, or football, or whatever - it's a machine and no one is bigger than the machine. Like, you go down, the machine still works without you. You are not that important to it and that, that's one of the things that hurts." Woods added, "and I think that's in any sport."

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