Lots of "We want Ryder" chants in the crowd for Zack Ryder.

Dark Match:

Chris Masters defeated Curt Hawkins via submission with the Masterlock. The crowd was into all of Masters' offense.

WWE Superstars:

Zach Ryder pinned Primo. Ryder was over huge with RAW being in Long Island. He did mic work and all his catchphrases from the Youtube series were over. The crowd was chanting for Ryder the entire time. Ryder pulled out a pescado. Primo took over, slamming Ryder shoulderfirst into the ringpost. Ryder mounted a comeback but was cut off. Ryder came back with a legdrop for a two count. Primo went for the back cracker but Ryder held the ropes and nailed his finisher for the pinfall. RYDER WINS! Good match that the crowd was into.

Drew McIntyre pinned Vladimir Kozlov.

There were big chants for Steve Austin as well as "Cena sucks" chants

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