Re-Post - TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

-We go to the ring for Bobby Roode's entrance. Roode grabs a mic and says he made a statement last week as we see a split screen of him taking out Christian York and Jeff Hardy from last week. Roode says Hardy almost got beaten by a Gut Check rookie. Christian York's music hits and he comes to the ring. Roode stops him in the ring and says it's his time and nobody interrupts him. He tells York to get out of his ring. York slaps him in the face and Roode escapes to the floor. York calls Roode out and Roode takes off his shirt as we go to an abrupt commercial.

Bobby Roode vs. Christian York

We return from break and the bell rings. Both men are fired up. Roode goes behind with an armbar and slaps York in the back of the head. Roode hits a shoulderblock but York responds with a flurry of tackles of his own. Roode goes out to regroup. Roode pulls York out and drives him into the apron. York reverses and sends Roode into the steel steps. York sends him in and goes up top but Roode makes him lose his balance and stomps York in the corner. York avoids Roode in the corner with a reverse elbow and a kick but Roode comes back with a nice clothesline. Roode hits a suplex and goes to the corner but York gets his boot up and hits Roode on the chin. They go back and forth. York mounts a nice offense. York goes up top and jumps on Roode's back with a double stomp. York hits the DreamScape in the corner but Roode kicks out. York counters a fisherman suplex and rolls Roode up for a near fall. Roode looks surprised and in a panic applies a crossface as York quickly taps.

Winner by submission: Bobby Roode

Roode goes out and brings in a chair and runs off the ref. Jeff Hardy comes down to the rescue but Roode escapes the Twist of Fate and runs to the ramp.

-We go to the announcers. They show the video of Aces & 8's recent vicious attacks.

-We go to Aces & 8's clubhouse. We see shots of their beer bottles as the main guy (VP) narrates. Devon says he wants what was stolen from him: the TV Title. He looks into the camera and says he wants Samoa Joe next week or all hell will break loose.

-Back from a break as the Gut Check judges discuss Wes Briscoe from last Thursday. They talk about Briscoe's heritage in the business and the fact that he is the only contestant to win his match. Taz says Kurt Angle's co-sign is important. Al and Bruce aren't that impressed with Angle's opinion.

-Back to live TV as Angle approaches Bruce Prichard in the back. He wants to talk on last time about Wes. Bruce says he's already made his decision. They try to locate Al Snow. Bruce tells Angle to find him.

-Kazarian and Daniels make their way to the ring. Kazarian says it's ironic that tonight AJ and Storm are a tag team because Kaz is sorry about AJ's damn luck. We go to commercial.

AJ Styles & James Storm vs. Daniels & Kazarian

AJ starts off with Kazarian. They go back and forth. Storm tags himself in. Storm hits punches on Kaz and backs him into the corner. Storm hits a reverse neck breaker and Daniels comes in for a back bodydrop. Storm tags AJ back in and they go to hit a double elbow on Daniels but AJ misses his mark. Kaz takes back over on AJ. Storm tags back in and takes it to Kazarian and hits an uppercut to Daniels on the apron. Kazarian gets the upper-hand with an assist from Daniels. Kaz and Daniels cut off the ring and continue to make quick tags and work over Storm. Kaz & Daniels do the Gangnam Style Dance.

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