Source: Woooooo! Nation

A recent episode of "Wooooo! Nation" with Ric Flair featured former WCW color commentator, and current Pittsburgh sports radio broadcaster Mark Madden. Courtesy of my good friend Mark Adam Haggerty, below are some highlights:

This show tends to run off the rails from time to time, so it's up to producer Conrad Thompson to act as the conductor. Engineer? Who drives a train? Conrad asks broad questions and gives both Madden and Flair time to respond on various issues. Ric says that he first met Mark Madden in 1986 when he came to a show at the "Igloo" in Pittsburgh to present the "Nature Boy" with a commemorative plaque. They actually met nearly a year earlier when Madden conducted an interview with Flair for the Post-Gazette. That's why he was bringing a plaque—it was the article. They start with small talk, and Conrad asks Madden if he's ever wanted to get back into wrestling. He says that he's not upset he never got into it again because there isn't a place for someone like him given today's political climate. He says that most WWE and TNA broadcasters focus on the positives and never highlight the negative, which is something he was known to do as a "heel announcer."

Conrad asks Mark what led to his exodus from World Championship Wrestling just months before the promotion was purchased by Vince McMahon. He says that while it wasn't his choice to leave, he was happy to go given the current state of the company. He says that Diamond Dallas Page was the one who convinced the "Powers that Be" to fire Madden. When Conrad asks why, Mark says: "Because DDP was a sensitive b---h and I heeled on him pretty hard this one time and he didn't like it." Mark Madden says he coined the nickname "D.D.Me" because he feels Diamond Dallas Page is the most self-serving person to ever work in the industry. "Hogan looked tame by comparison!" Of DDP Yoga, Mark Madden says: "If it works that's fine. And the stuff he's doing with Jake and Scott Hall is fine. I just trust charity a lot more when somebody doesn't call a camera crew every time they do something." DDP wanted to go on Madden's radio show about ten years ago to promote DDP Yoga when it was still "in its infancy," and when he called the radio station he told Mark's producer: "Oh I'm an old friend from WCW." Upon hearing the news, he told his producer: "f--k that guy, we're not friends." Several weeks later, DDP was talking to Kevin Nash, and Dallas told him that Madden refused to have him on his show. Nash said, "Page—you got him FIRED!" DDP was so unaware of anything but himself that he responded with: "You think he's still mad about that?" Conrad asks if DDP is the most overrated wrestler of all time. Madden says, "He was a competent midcard wrestler, but favoritism and cronyism is what put him over the top."

Conrad asks both Ric and Mark for their comments on the NWO's "Four Horsemen" skit. Mark says that he felt some parts were very funny, including Sean Waltman's depiction of Ric Flair. Flair said that he didn't particularly care one way or the other, but was hurt because of how it "crushed Arn." Ric says that Arn had a 12-year old son at home watching his father depicted as a drunk. The worst part, to Ric, was the fact that the entire segment was written and produced by Terry Taylor—one of Arn's longtime friends and colleagues. When the promo was over, Sting walked up to Ric and told him: "That's the coldest thing I've ever seen in my life." Ric says that Kevin Nash lampooned the "real emotion" between Ric and Arn, which hurt them both deeply. What bothered Ric most was that the Horsemen were offered no chance to make a rebuttal.

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