MLW: Fusion Results (8/17): MLW Heavyweight Title Match Low Ki Vs John Hennigan

It's time for another action-packed episode of MLW: Fusion. Thank you for checking out the coverage on Wrestling Inc. You can check out MLW: Fusion on BEin Sports Fridays at 8pm. Each new episode of MLW: Fusion is available worldwide 6:05 pm Saturday nights on their official YouTube channel.

- On last week's episode: Sami Callihan defeated Koto Brazil, MJF retained the MLW Middleweight Championship over Joey Janela, and John Hennigan defeated Teddy Hart in the main event.

- On tonight's show: Low Ki defends the MLW Heavyweight Championship against John Hennigan and Team Filthy will battle with the Stud Stable in a Dojo Challenge. ACH and Rich Swann also battle The Hart Foundation.

- They opened this week's episode with a quick memorial to Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

ACH and Rich Swann vs The Hart Foundation

The Hart Foundation led the crowd in a playing of the Canadian national anthem before the match started, but they didn't get very far into it before their opponents cut off the music.

ACH and Davey Boy started things out and Smit Jr. no sold a shoulderblock to return a couple of his own before hitting a scoop slam. Teddy Hart took the tag next and then Swann entered the match. Hart took Swann down into a rings of Saturn, Swann tried to flip Hart over into a pin, but it didn't work. They traded some arm wrenches and then Teddy took Swann down with a springboard armdrag takedown.

Teddy nailed a powerslam off the ropes and later hit a sunset flip, but ACH broke up the pin. Smith Jr. sent ACH out of the ring and then he slammed Swann over the top rope to the floor onto ACH.

Hart made it to the top rope and Swann hit a rana and climbed to the top rope. Swann hit a frog splash for a two count before ACH tried to so a sharpshooter and this drew a ton of heat. It didn't last long before Smith Jr. nailed him with a running big boot. ACH hit hard on to outside as Swann climbed to the top rope, Brian Pillman Jr. hit Swann in the crotch with his cane and he fell. Smith Jr. then nailed Swann with an electric chair into a lumbar check for the win.

Winners: The Hart Foundation

- They revealed in a backstage segment that Abyss will join Sami Callihan's team at War Games and Tommy Dreamer is joining team Strickland.

- The Lucha Brothers and Konnan cut a backstage promo on Selina De La Renta.

Team Filthy vs Stud Stable - Dojo Challenge

The Stud Stable was ready to invade the dojo and Lawlor was already in there waiting for them. Jake Hager stepped up to Filthy and then Mike Perro stepped up instead in an attempt to throw Tom off.

Tom took Perro down but Perro returned with a forearm and then he took him down and the two were wrestling around. Perro threw down a clubbing blow with his elbow, but Lawlor grabbed his arm and got him in a triangle choke. So Perro tossed him against the cage.

Perro shoved Lawlor down and then Lawlor hit a rana on Perro followed by a kimura lock. Then Perro tapped out.

Winner: "Filthy" Tom Lawlor

Lawlor told Hager to get in or he'd break Perro's arm, but he didn't come in. The Stud Stable attacked a trainer who was there and then Lawlor ran to check on his friend.

John Hennigan vs Low Ki - MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match

This match started out slow as the crowd got some chanting out of their system, even though they were incredibly hot the entire night. Hennigan had his ribs taped as well. They felt each other out slowly before locking up and then there was a battle for strength as Low Ki backed himself into the corner and used the ropes to perform a bite of the dragon before leaving the ring with a little damage done.

Hennigan grounded Low Ko and worked on his leg for a bit before the champion was able to get out of the hold. Low Ki fought back and took advantage of Hennigan as the challenger fought to bridge out of several pinning predicaments.

The two were displaying some real mat wrestling skills for a bit and then Low Ki locked in a choke while Hennigan got to the ropes. Hennigan won the next exchange with a side Russain legsweep and then he nailed a kick from the apron but Low Ki kicked him while trying to go up top and Hennigan went crashing to the floor.

Low Ki hit a chop or two on the outside of the ring and then he smashed Hennigan's head against the apron before rolling his opponent in for a two count. Low Ki reversed a catapult with a double stomp to the chest as his assault on Hennigan continued with a couple headbutts and a two count.

The crowd started to rally on Hennigan's side until John fought out of a gutwrench lock on his injured ribs. The Low Ki hung Hennigan across the top rope to further damage his ribs. Low Ki applied an abdominal stretch and another headbutt. Hennigan nailed a spinning hook kick on Low Ki and then he drove the champion into the corner for some strikes. Low Ki started to show some wear for the first time in this match as Hennigan hung Low Ki off the middle rope and slid under him for a slam. Hennigan climbed the top turnbuckle and jumped over Low Ki before hitting a flashkick off the ropes for a two count.

Low Ki caught Hennigan on the top rope and then he grabbed him to spin around for a dragon sleeper and a two count. Low Ki started to remove the tape on Hennigan's ribs like it was doing any good at that point and then Hennigan nailed a standing Spanish fly for a two count.

Hennigan nailed a running knee but missed Starship Pain before Low Ki jumped up and nailed a double stomp for another two count. Then Low Ki nailed the switchblade kick for the win.

Winner: Low Ki


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