Nikki Bella Reveals Which Long Shot Former Superstar She Wanted At WWE Evolution

As previously noted, WWE Superstars Brie and Nikki, the Bella Twins, recently participated in an ACE Comic Con fan Q&A session moderated by former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia. Among many other things, Nikki discussed wanting to face former Divas Champion AJ Lee. Also, Brie and Nikki talked about on whom they dream about working twin magic.

According to Nikki, she would love to wrestle AJ Lee again. Moreover, 'The Fearless One' mentioned that she hoped Mrs. Punk would be at WWE Evolution.  

"I was actually hoping she was going to be at Evolution." Nikki continued, "she was a huge part of the women's division. And if she came back, I would totally love to [wrestle her again]. We had great chemistry and I really loved that Paige and AJ and Brie and I had a really good story going for a really long time. I really felt like that helped with the evolution to where it's at today, so it would be so fun [to work with AJ again]."

When asked what pro wrestling legend would be their dream victim for so-called twin magic, Brie misunderstood the question and responded that she fantasizes about teaming with her husband, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, to take on the iconic 'Macho Man' Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.

"There [are] so many amazing women. I mean, I would love to experience a match where it's Macho Man and Elizabeth against Bryan and I." Brie added, "that's my dream, but if Plan B had to be with Nikki, I don't know. Gosh."

Nikki answered the fan query on twin magic by saying she would have enjoyed pulling the ole switcheroo on the incomparable Sherri Martel.

"I would love if Brie and I were all bubbly and nice and Sensational Sherri walks in causing trouble and we're like, 'oh no!' And then, we have to use twin magic to beat here. That would be a good one." Nikki added, "I like that."

Get in not Brie Mode here. If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit ACE Comic Con with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: ACE Comic Con


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